What Should I Know Before Getting New Windows?


If you are thinking of replacing your windows,this can be a major undertaking and task to tackle. There are many more options available in today’s market and a lot more to consider than ever before with all the advancements made in technology. Purchasing impact windows for your Palm Beach home can feel like a huge relief and you can be stress free of making a difficult purchase.

So what should you know before choosing new windows for your home? Follow this guide to get all the information and considerations you should be taking into account. 

When should I replace my windows?

If you are noticing some common issues with your windows, some situations may need to be replaced.  Some common situations can include: 

Your windows have single-pane glass or temperature-conductive frames

If your windows are on the cheaper side and poorly performing, it might be best to replace them. New windows require less maintenance, fewer drafts and can help save you money on energy.

Poor conditions or wet, weepy windows 

When your windows are in poor condition, they can contribute to water leaks, humidity issues in your home and can even invite unwelcome visitors like pest infestations. Things like cracked window-panes, non-operational windows, rotting frames/sashes or rotting window sills are all valid reasons to get your windows professionally replaced

Windows that don’t complete shut or open

Windows that have issues shutting completely or that are loose and weak are ideal candidates for window replacements. These non functional windows pose a safety concern especially if you have non functional windows in the upper floors of your home. 

If you decide to replace your windows, there are four factors to consider when choosing energy efficient models: frame, glass, design and installation.

Four things to consider when choosing new windows

The four factors that to consider when choosing new windows are: 

  1. The frame 
  2. The glass
  3. The design 
  4. The Installation 

The Frame 

Window frames come in a variety of different materials, each having their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to initial cost, maintenance, appearance and insulation. The main kinds of frames include: 

Vinyl:  A low-cost, energy-efficient, and extremely durable, but they have a limited  design range when it comes to choices. 

Wood: This is  a classic, easy-to-customize look, and one of the  best possible energy efficiency choices. But they do have a higher need for upkeep when compared to others.

Aluminum: One of the more inexpensive and highly durable, but is not the best in terms of energy efficiency.

Fiberglass: This option combines durability, strong insulation, and a wide variety of style options. But fiberglass frames tend to come with a high price tag

The Glass

After picking your frames, the next consideration you need to think about for each window you’re either replacing or installing is how many panes of glass you will be including. 

Single panes are still an option, but are becoming an increasingly unpopular option because they shatter easily and don’t keep heat in well either. Double pane glass has now become the standard of choice, they provide energy efficiency and comortby having the additional frame. 

Another option is having triple pane glass, but most homeowners avoid this option because of the heavy price tag unless they live in a particularly loud area or have issues maintaining their home’s temperature. 

The Design

When it comes to design, the world is truly your oyster. There are endless possibilities and an array of unique window styles open to your preferences. Depending on what aesthetic you are envisioning there are a multitude of options.

Some of the most common include: 

Double-hung: these have two operable sashes, which allow for you to tilt the window open at the bottom and the top. 

Single-hung:  These are the most common types implemented in homes. They have a single sash to open the bottom half of the window and the top remains closed. 

Sliding windows: As the name suggests, these have one or more panels that move horizontally. 

The Installation

No matter if you purchase the most expensive windows, they won’t function properly if not installed properly. Having a professional window replacement company put in your new windows is one of the best ways to mitigate any issues that may occur down the line. It’s always best to research any company you are thinking about going with and be wary of companies that rely too heavily on expanding foams or sealant to fit your windows. 

Flashing and proper caulking also need special attention, if they are not done with an eye to detail, this can cause water leaks and cause a multitude of issues that could have easily been prevented. 

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