What Should Every Living Room Have?


The living room is one of the most-used rooms in any home. It’s where you spend your waking hours when not at work, and where the family gathers to watch TV or enjoy a film. If you’re looking for furnishing and décor ideas for a living room, you’re in the right place! We’ve looked at some of the essentials to decide what every living room should have and come up with some great ideas that should give you plenty inspiration. Let’s start with the obvious!

Living Room Seating

What Should Every Living Room Have?

Most of the time spent in your living room you’ll spend seated. This is why comfortable, attractive and easy to maintain seating is essential. You may want to look at a traditional three-piece or perhaps check out modular furniture that can be moved around. 

You might like the modern and stylish selection of living room furniture at EQ3 – look here https://www.eq3.com/us/en/category/living/seating – which is one of the best ranges we’ve seen. Quality, style and trendy all spring to mind with this great range of living room seating, so take your time and have a look at what’s on offer here. 

What About the Floor?

If you check out 2021 interior design trends, you’ll see that flooring comes in for a lot of press. Gone are the days when you had the simple option of choosing a type, pattern or colour of carpet and having it fitted. Today the choice of flooring options is far greater, and we want to suggest you look at the option of wooden flooring. 

It’s not to everyone’s taste and will not look right in every room, but in general a good quality hardwood floor is something to behold. Beautiful, natural and durable, there is a vast choice in terms of colour and finish, and many different woods are used for wooden flooring. 

If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll generally find the best wooden floors are sourced from sustainable forests. A gorgeous wood floor with a couple of nice rugs is a great look, and one that is very much in this year.

Relaxing Décor

You want to be relaxed in your living room, so you need to plan the décor to suit. What can you do to ensure you have a suitably relaxing living room? First, think about the walls and what you want to do with them. Paint or paper, keep the colour to a neutral tone and make sure it is not too bright and distracting. You want to feel ‘at home’ in your living room every time you walk in.

Whether you have drapes or blinds, make sure they match and look the part, as too much contrast spoils the effect of being relaxing. It’s about finding that medium between colour and shade that allows you to blend all the furnishing in with ease. Read a few online interior design blogs and take some ideas from there, and you’ll get more inspiration. 

Audio and Visual

The living room is also the room in which you will watch the television or perhaps listen to some music. Modern TV and audio furniture and equipment can be surprisingly stylish, and there’s a lot of choice in terms of style and finish. You probably have your TV, perhaps a home cinema system and your audio equipment already, so you need to check out furniture to accommodate that.

The trend these days is to hang a flat TV on the wall, and it is an unobtrusive way of getting it out of the way and taking up as little space as possible. Another method is to hide it in a cupboard, and you can find excellent options at good furniture stores. As for the audio equipment, if you’re a truly modern home that will consist of a Bluetooth device and a pair of speakers, which is as sleek and 21st century as one can get. If you want to avoid cables – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t – then Bluetooth and wireless technology is the way to go here. 

Plants are Wonderful

Even if you are not green fingered you can successfully grow houseplants in your living room. Plants add a new level of decoration to a room, and they are also healthy to have in the home. Plants that are hardy and easy to keep are a great choice for a living room – talk to your local garden centre or store for some ideas – and they are a welcome touch of life in a living room.

Buy plants that are already established and all you need to do is keep them watered. Different species are suitable for different levels of light, so make sure you take advice as to what may grow in different parts of your room. Plants are inexpensive and will last many years with minimal attention. 

Lighting Ideas

Our final point is about living room lighting which is one of the most important aspects of a room to get right. Here’s our advice: go with LED. Easy to control – they can be dimmed – and energy efficient, LED lighting is the best way to get a look that is warm, welcoming and comfortable for your living room. 

LED uplighters are great for such a purpose, and the small spotlight versions make an excellent choice. Have a look at your hardware store now and you’ll see that these lights are very popular and available in a wide range of options.

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