What Qualities Should I Look For in a Home Security Camera?


You have decided it is time to beef up your home security, and perhaps you are considering security camera installation. But with the many available options, picking the security camera system with the desired features requires careful and dedicated research, as will subsequent security camera installation. We understand you may be curious about the criteria for narrowing down your options.

To help with that, let’s discuss some of the best qualities to look for in a home security camera.

1. High resolution

After a security camera installation, it can be frustrating to discover that the original images are grainy, blurry, and pixelated. Ideally, you need to invest in home surveillance cameras with a video resolution of 1080p or higher for high-definition and stable videos day and night. While zooming is associated with reduced image sharpness, such a camera will capture enough details to tell people apart when you zoom in on the images. Another thing worth highlighting is that higher-resolution cameras take up more storage space and bandwidth.

2. Viewing angle

What’s your monitoring objective? In other words, where do you intend to install the cameras? And how much coverage do you need within a camera scene? If you want to monitor activities in larger, open spaces, consider a camera with a wider field of view (FOV). A wider viewing angle can eliminate the need to buy multiple cameras for complete coverage of your property area. It also cuts on installation, maintenance, and other expenses. However, objects appear smaller within the video frame. Home surveillance cameras with a narrower FOV are suitable for targeting specific objects or smaller sections of your property. For example, you can use them to monitor entrances, doorways, and corridors. The lens will capture less but offer a detailed view.

3. Motion sensing

Motion detection is also one of the qualities you should look for in a home security camera. Before the introduction of motion sensors, homeowners could leave their camera systems running 24/7. Unfortunately, the video footage could take up a lot of storage space. What’s more, the cameras use more electricity. When it comes to a motion detector camera, it activates and starts recording when it detects the presence of people or objects within its FOV. And for increased safety, you can configure the motion sensors to send notifications to your phone or laptop whenever there is a potential threat.

4. Infrared night vision

Some burglars and intruders prefer breaking into homes at night, as darkness provides excellent cover. That’s why you need a security camera that can capture details even in low to no light conditions without compromising image quality.

In line with that, invest in an infrared camera. The night vision technology allows you to see activities happening over a hundred feet in complete darkness. Not all infrared security cameras provide clear-coloured images of focused objects at night, though. You will want to narrow your search to cameras with Starlight Technology.

5. Higher frame rate

The frame rate per second (fps) is also crucial if you want clear, smooth video, even with moving objects. Choose at least 15 fps to minimize the motion blur problem. If you need something similar to the film or TV industry standard, go for home surveillance cameras capturing 24 fps and higher.

6. Supports two-way audio functionality

Two-way cameras have inbuilt microphones and speakers facilitating real-time communication with whoever appears in the camera scene. It could be the delivery person, unexpected guests, or intruders.

For example, if it is the delivery personnel knocks on your door, you can tell them where to leave the package. If it is an intruder trespassing on your property, you can notify them through the loudspeakers and microphones that first responders are on their way. Communication can also be controlled remotely via a smartphone app for ultimate convenience.

7. Vandal resistant

Intruders will try to destroy the security system once they realize they have been caught on camera. Therefore, it is best to consider systems with vandal-proof camera housings.

Such cameras are designed to be rugged and tough. The housings and lens covers can withstand rough treatment, reducing potential damage to the camera.

A security camera is an excellent addition to your home. However, not all deliver the best performance. We hope these qualities steer you in the right direction to find high-quality surveillance systems that fit your needs and budgets.

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