What makes Angle Grinders the most favorite tool of DIY enthusiasts?


For achieving the best quality of workmanship when working with metals, you must have an angle grinder in your toolbox. It has become an indispensable tool due to its extreme versatility. More and more people are looking for the best cordless angle grinder, which gives immense comfort in using the tool to perform any grinding or cutting operations besides doing precision finishing work that involves sanding and polishing or buffing. If you are keen to use your DIY skills in home maintenance, you must have an angle grinder in your toolbox and other hand tools. It could be that the angle grinder is the only power tool in your toolbox, which is a must-have due to its versatility.

Knowing the proper use of grinders ensures its safe use

Before using the angle grinder, you must have the proper training to use it safely because the tool can turn dangerous if not handled correctly by keeping in mind its safety features. Since other hand tools are safe to use by using your common sense, to use the angle grinder, you must know how to use it safely so that you can get the most from it. Your personal skills in using the tools also come into play to ensure its safe use. Since power tools are high-speed devices, it requires extra caution when using because even the slightest distraction or carelessness can result in dangerous accidents.

Power sources

Angle grinders are available in different sizes, and most are electricity driven with some others using gas and air as the source of power. Typically, the angle grinders you see around are all electrically operated, either corded or cordless, that receives its power from batteries, for performing medium and light work. For some specialized applications in the auto workshops, you would find the pneumatically driven grinders most suited. The tool uses compressed air as the source of power instead of electricity. However, the construction sites’ grinders are much more robust and aid in massive duty operations like cutting through steel, bricks, and blocks. These are industrial type grinders, and the operations are complex than the angle grinders used for homes and other applications.

Uses of angle grinders

Grinding, cutting, polishing, and sanding are the most common uses of Angle Grinders

Cutting – Angle grinders are useful for cutting various metals, masonry, and ceramic. The high maneuverability of grinders makesitthe tool of choice for cutting instead of using saws, especially for cutting metals in-situ. Since angle grinders are portable and useful for cutting at any angle, it is suitable for cutting stationery or fixed metal piecesinstalled at any place by holding the grinder against it instead of bringing the metal piece close to the tool.

Grinding – As the name suggests, grinders are exclusive tools for grinding, and the other functions like cutting, polishing, or sanding are additional that prove its versatility. Grinding is the operation of removing excess metal for nay surface for giving it a smooth finish, and angle grinders do the job with perfection and speedily. Angle grinders are also useful for grinding masonry or removing blurs from welded surfaces to give it a smooth finish.

Polishing – By changing the disc of angle grinders, it is possible to make it perform different functions. For example, a grinding wheel is suitable for grinding and cutting as the abrasives on the disc make deep cuts in the material surface. For polishing that requires minimal removal of metal, you must use a mop attachment or special polishing disc that produces a polished surface.

Sanding – To attain a smooth surface finish, you must use sanding, which, when done manually, is achieved using sandpaper. When done with the help of Angle Grinders, use a sanding disc as an attachment, which smoothens the surface by abrasion and removing minute particles from the surface to give it a superior finish.

Why use angle grinders?

The ease of use and versatility are the main reasons for using Angle Grinders to help complete the work much faster and achieve a better quality of work that is not possible with other hand tools. Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of many power tools, and Angle grinders are no different. You can accomplish the task more quickly and conveniently all by yourself without any assistance, which saves costs while improving productivity. Using angle grinders for home maintenance saves you good money as you can do many things on your own, provided you have the training in using grinders. Training is vital to ensure the safe use of the tool, which can be dangerous if not handled properly.

To ensure the safe use of Angle Grinders, ensure that you choose the right type of grinder that suits the application and equipped with adequate safety features that give more control during use.

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