What Is The Least Price I Can Get A Mica Powder Pigment For In Canada?


Mica powder is a mineral that gives off a shimmery and metallic appearance. It is used in numerous products, including art supplies, cosmetics, soaps, and lotions, especially because it is non-toxic. It might be a bit confusing to differentiate Mica powder from regular pigment powder. The most evident difference is that Mica powders have a shimmer while pigment powders are mostly matte. Mica powders can also be used for various creative projects. This article contains everything you need to know about Mica powder pigment and the least amount of money you can buy for it in Canada. If you are budget-conscious, you can buy Mica powder pigment in Canada from SquidPoxy.

What Is Mica Powder Pigment?

Mica powder is a natural stone that has numerous flecks that sparkle. When this stone is ground into powder, it forms sparkly Mica powder that looks a lot like very fine glitter. As such, you can use it to achieve a metallic finish or pear-like tone in any colour you like.

When creating art or designing a project, you must mix Mica powder pigments with a translucent or clear medium to accentuate the shine and sparkle. Since Mica powder particles are very tiny, they may be buried or lose their effect if combined with opaque materials.

Mica powder pigments create an astounding sparkle when used with watercolours and oil paints. In art, these powder pigments can be mixed lightly for an ultra-fine metallic effect, or you can mix them for a more consistent colour. They can also be mixed with clear topcoats or glazes and waxes to add a shimmery effect on furniture or walls. Mica powders are a favourite for artists and creators because, besides being non-toxic, they do not tarnish.

How To Use Mica Powder Pigment

Mica powder pigments are shimmery and can be used to add a pop of colour to cosmetic applications, crafts, DIY arts, wax, soap and epoxy resin. Below are some of its most common applications:

  • Toy slime
  • Tinted varnish for furniture refinishing
  • Stained glass
  • Greeting cards, handmade scrapbooks and papercrafts
  • Fabric and craft paint for DIY art projects
  • Nail polish, eye shadow, bath bombs, lip balm
  • Homemade candles and soap
  • Turning resin blanks and hybrid wood with urethane and epoxy resin
  • Epoxy tumblers, trays, clocks and coasters
  • Resin geodes and epoxy jewelry
  • Epoxy wood slab and river tables

How Much Mica Powder Should You Use

A little goes a long way when it comes to Mica powder pigments, so you want to start with as little as possible and work your way towards your desired concentration.  It is very easy to blend Mica powder into polyester, urethane and epoxy resins of low viscosity. However, we strongly advise that you read the manufacturer’s directions because most resins vary with regards to mixing with dyes, dispersions, pigments and tints.

Using Mica Powder Pigment With Other colouring Agents And Pigments

You can create phenomenal effects for resin castings, slab pours, coasters and epoxy jewelry by using Mica powder pigments alongside other colourants. Some epoxy-safe colouring agents to check out include fine glass glitter, holographic glitter, sparkly glitter, geode chips, glass chips, pigment paste dispersions, liquid alcohol ink, pigment powder and universal tints. It is crucial to ascertain the compatibility of your resin or medium to these colourants before using them.

Cheapest Mica Powder Pigment In Canada?

Are you looking for an affordable Mica powder pigment supplier in Canada? Mica powder can be pretty expensive, especially if you don’t know where to look. And even then, you aren’t assured of the quality of powder you will get. That is why you should check out SquidPoxy and the numerous Mica powder pigments they have in store.

Each pure and dry powder pigment they sell comes in 85 grams or 3oz. You can choose from a wide range of colours, including  Maldives, Fiji, Dark Purple, Wine Red, Lemon Yellow, Black Pearl, and more. Of course, you must perform some research to determine if the product you are looking to buy will be suitable for your project. Luckily, their website also has numerous customer reviews with photos of some customers’ finished projects. You can use them to gauge whether the Mica Powder pigment you want to buy will have the desired effect.

Now to the best part, SquidPoxy Mica powder pigments go for as little as 23 USD for each 3oz. These are easily the most competitive prices online, and they have a physical store where you can drop by and check out all their products in person.

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