What Is The Difference Between Tree Pruning & Trimming?


As living organisms, naturally, you should take good care of trees – the best way to take care of them is through pruning and trimming. Because every tree is different, you must take care of them depending on certain aspects such as environment and history.

However, you would find out that pruning and trimming are used in cohesion, but there are differences between them. Therefore, tree pruning services are done to make sure that your plant remains healthy and beautiful. Continue reading the post to learn more about tree trimming and pruning.

What is Tree Pruning?

There is no denying that most people with average knowledge would consider tree pruning services similar to tree trimming. In reality, both of them are different, and they serve other purposes. While some companies might refer to tree pruning and trimming as the same thing, it is not true.

Tree pruning services may be similar to tree trimming in terms of maintenance that trees require from time to time. However, tree pruning is more focused on fruition and the tree’s overall health. And the services might include removing branches and even roots in some cases.

In short, tree pruning helps improve a tree’s beauty and shape. Also, pruning helps protect the tree from diseases and pests while promoting strong growth. Tree pruning services include removing loose, diseased, and dead branches. Also, it consists of removing other parts of the tree that interfere with the plant’s growth.

When pruning is done in the best way, it optimizes the production of flowers and fruits to a great extent. The plant’s growth might halt if the task isn’t done properly. For example, excessive pruning encourages diseases and pests or even causes the plant to die in some cases.

Here are some reasons why you should prune trees regularly.

  • Help detach from other trees
  • Increase the sun’s exposure to the plant
  • Encourage energy and focus on plant growth
  • Reduce hazards to people passing under the tree
  • Cultivate flowers and fruit

What is Tree Trimming?

It is another service primarily focused on trimming the growth of hedges, shrubs, and trees. Typically, it involves removing the overgrown branches that surround the plants. The extreme growth of trees prevents sunlight exposure to other parts of the tree and inhibits growth.

Also, they become a barrier to the extra branches when accessing moisture and nutrients. Trimming is crucial to ensure the tree’s good health and preserve its shape. Most people use tree trimming for aesthetics as well.

When you don’t care for trees, the branches overgrow. As such, it leads to an unbalanced and scraggly shape. So, if you want healthy trees, trimming is a must. However, trimming isn’t everything. Rather, you should know what is below the ground and underneath the bark.

With aesthetics being your primary concern, tree trimming ensures the branches don’t grow out in all directions. No one wants to have ugly-looking trees on their property. Besides, tree trimming encourages canopy lifting if you are thinking about having more space between the trees. It allows light to reach the lower branches as well.

When Is the Right Time to Take Care of Your Trees?

Whether you need tree pruning services or tree trimming depends on your situation. When dealing with serious issues such as a dying or diseased tree, you can opt for tree pruning or tree trimming any time of the year.

However, you should treat this situation as an emergency because your tree might die if you promptly fail to address the problem. You can follow a general timetable that works best for pruning or trimming trees.

  • Early summer – It is the perfect time to trim hedges.
  • Late summer – It is the right time to prune birch and maple trees.
  • Late winter – It is the best time to prune fruit trees that have attained maturity.
  • Early spring – You can prune the trees that bloom during the summer in this season.

Although the timeframes mentioned above should serve as the best timing for pruning and trimming, it is good to work with an expert. That way, you can ensure that your trees remain healthy and beautiful without risking plant life.

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