What Is the Cheapest Way to Finish a Basement?


The basement is mostly overlooked by homeowners but it can give endless opportunities for additional space for entertainment, storage, home office, and living space, among others. Reclaiming this part of the house can be a nerve-wracking hassle, especially when you are looking to do it cheaply. 

When thinking about finishing your basement, you must take note of a number of things before going ahead with the project. Basement finishing expenses must factor in the cost of labor, material, and permits especially when it is to be used as a bedroom. These kinds of projects have been estimated to cost from $3,000 to upwards of $80,000 depending on the purpose. 

Regardless of your budget, Manta Property Service Group suggests several actionable steps and activities that will ensure your project is completed effectively and at a pocket-friendly cost.

Clean Your Basement

Suppose your basement was your unofficial store that contained all your tools, junk mail, and miscellaneous items, it is important to clear all the clutter and open up the space. This will enable you to follow up with the next step.

Assess the Foundation For Moisture 

This should be the first thing to do before launching your project. Your basement should be dry from moisture before the renovations start. You should conduct a complete moisture check to ascertain there are no leaks that may need repair. Keenly observe the foundation for cracks that might be caused by improper curing of concrete. 

Adding a waterproof membrane to fully secure your basement from future moisture problems is recommended. However, you want to let a pro do this if you want durable, uncompromised results.

Look for Local Building Permits

It is important to conduct research on your local building codes for basements before commencing your project. This is crucial especially when your goal is to install a wet bar or a bathroom in the basement. Your basement must be inspected before you get a permit to proceed with the project.

Create a Design

Before starting building, you will need to map out the perfect design of how and where you want things to be placed. This part is important as it allows you to focus on the most important part of the project, giving you a clear outline of what is needed and how much of it is enough. You can go with something minimalistic and modern or classic, depending on your preferred style.

Choose Your Wall Insulation

Depending on what you are turning your basement into, you will need to decide on the best insulation for your wall without compromising on quality. If you will be spending a lot of time in the basement, you will need to cover the walls to avoid extra heating and cooling expenses in extreme weather conditions. 

We recommend considering painting or installing drywall which is much cheaper than paneling the whole place.

Decide on the Ceiling

We all have our preferences for ceiling types. However, if you’re renovating the basement for a bedroom to rent out, it would be necessary to use a material that provides some form of seclusion and privacy. In this case, a drop-ceiling would be the best option. 

On the other hand, if the renovation is for your personal use and privacy is not a big issue, then just painting the ceiling would be a cheaper alternative.

Decide on the Flooring 

For a comfortable space to hang out or live in, you will need a warm, durable floor. With various options to choose from, we recommend going with a carpet if you are on a tight budget. You can change it whenever you see fit and upgrade to a slightly premium flooring type.

Assemble the Required Material and Equipment

This is a crucial part of your project whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a contractor. Having all that you need in one place and beforehand will reduce the time it takes to complete your renovation. This should include all materials such as cement, ceiling, and windows among others, and the tools for the project. 

Focusing on having a clear plan and outline of what you need is mandatory if you are looking to save big while getting a quality renovation done. Remember, your basement finish does not have to be grand but it has to be practical, and being realistic with your expectations will take you a long way. We cannot emphasize the importance of quality in both the materials used and the work done to guarantee a long-lasting basement space.

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