What Is the Cheap Gaming Mouse for Drag Clicking- A Review for Top 2 Mice



The best mouse for drag clicking can give you a competitive advantage in games like heroes, Roblox, and Minecraft. But everyone can’t afford the expensive mouse for jitter clicking. Are you also among those? If yes, don’t worry. We’re here to help you find the cheap gaming mouse for drag clicking.

In this article, we’ll discuss what drag clicking is? Besides, we will also review 2 cheap gaming mice to find the affordable one. Let’s start!

What is drag clicking?

Drag clicking is to drag your finger forcefully across the mouse button. It helps you to record more clicks. Some people also call it to tap clicking.

But now the question is how you can increase your CPS with drag clicking. Well, when you move your finger across the mouse, it produces friction and vibration. As a result, the mouse switch senses the vibration and registers more clicks.

Top 2 Cheap gaming mouse for drag click 2021 

Below are the top 2 cheap mouses for drag clicking. Both mice come with the best features. Moreover, they are also affordable.

Redragon m711 cobra gaming mouse

If you really mess with dry clicking and become good at it, you could drag click 40 cps on this mouse. It has exceptional quality but at a reasonable price.


  • Only 7.2 ounces weight allows you to move the M711 easily. So, it’s the best mouse for games that require quick movements.
  • With its 7 programmable buttons, it provides you exceptional gaming experience. Moreover, this mouse helps in quick identification with its 5 memory profiles.
  • The 16-million colour backlight provides you with a mesmerizing gaming atmosphere. Thus, the M711 also take care of your peace of mind.
  • Additionally, the latest technology of the mouse promotes fast movement with precise control.
  • It also has five different adjustable DPI settings. So, M711 is adjustable no matter in which gaming scenario you are.
  • The remarkable comfort and unmatchable accuracy of the M711 will surprise you. Most importantly, the M711 will not allow you to disturb others. Thus, it’s the best choice for playing games in dormitory, office and even library.

So, whether you’re aiming, targeting, attacking or slashing, it’s the best weapon for die-hard gamers.


  • Incredible LED’s
  • Comfortable to every hand size
  • Smoother in clicking
  • Easy to programme


  • Some sensor issues may occur

ROCCAT Kain 100 Aimo RGB PC Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT, one of the top-notch gaming companies, offers you one of the cheapest gaming mice. If you really want to have a precise gaming experience, the RoccatKain 100 Aimo is just for you.

Whether you have smaller hands or claw grips, the comfortable design of the Kain 100 Aimo will make it easy to use. Its button layout is easy to reach and reliable.


  • The kain 100 comes with an ergonomic design. Whether buttons or scroll wheel, every part of the mouse is crafted to offer you a refined and ergonomic experience.
  • The textured side grips would never allow you to lose the grips while holding the Kain.
  • The innovative firmware algorithm and switch mechanics help in getting 8ms faster clicks its competitors.
  • When it comes to scrolling steps, the Titan wheel 2.0 of the mouse makes them highly responsive.


  • Precise and satisfying clicks
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Highly responsive scrolling wheel


  • Lack of RGB
  • Uncomfortable for big hands

Final thoughts…..!!

Having a cheap gaming mouse for drag clicking doesn’t mean you have to compromise the features.

A good gaming mouse makes it easier to drag click. Moreover, it improves the gaming performance and offers a competitive advantage to get a higher number of CPS. It should be ergonomic and, most importantly, a bang for your buck.

The gaming mouse we have enlisted above has all the essential features that the best gaming mouse has.

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