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Roomba 675 would be an excellent way for you to start cleaning your house smartly. The device is equipped with smart sensors so it can adjust to your house. It works pretty well plus made with a few convenience features. You can control the Roomba 675 with your voice right from your android or iOS. This guide will tell you every detail of the Roomba 675, so let’s jump into the discussion.

Features and Benefits of Roomba 675

1. Design

The dimension of the Roomba 675 is 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.54 inches. Its weight is 6.77 pounds; also, the device includes a carrying handle that is easy to carry from one place to another. The device is made from the matte grey plastic and has shiny black on top. You can find the power button, dock, spot, and clean on the device.

2. Suction Power

The Roomba 675 has a standard 600 Pa suction power, and the device’s cleaning pattern is adaptive. It’s a smart robot that allows you to schedule the cleaning. The scheduling reduces your tension of cleaning; it will automatically clean your house daily so that effortlessly you get clean floors.

3. Dirt-detect Sensor

As we mentioned above, Roomba 675 is a smart robot vacuum; it comes with the dirt-detect feature while other robot vacuums don’t contain this impressive function. The robot can learn about the dirtier areas of your home, since the devices are equipped with the dirt-detect sensor. And the robot will go there to clean the floor effectively. It will automatically adjust the cleaning to provide you a nice clean on carpets or hard floor when needed. Or another thing you can do is, use the spot clean if there’s any hard spot on the surface. Once you press the spot clean button, it will clean the area thoroughly.

4. Smart Clean

The device can connect to the iRobot app that lets you schedule the cleaning time on the device. It’s beneficial when you are outside of the house; all you need to do is set up the app’s cleaning time. And when the device reaches the scheduled time, it will vacuum the floor or carpet. Or for more convenience clean, use Alexa or Google Assistant voice; before that, you will need a speaker to communicate with the robot. The voice control also made the cleaning very simple.

5. Three-stage Cleaning

When we compare the Roomba 675 with other devices, we find that it has three different cleaning stages. Besides, these three cleaning stages are not available on another robot vacuum. First, the robot will loosen the dirt, and then it will lift and pick the dirt. Besides, the machine is made with dual multi-surface brushes to capture or grab dirt from the hard floors or carpets. The 675 model also has an edge-sweeping brush so that it can take care of the edges and corners of your house. If you want effective clean, then select the auto-adjust feature, the device will increase cleaning automatically.

6. Ideal for the Home with Pets or Allergens

Are you suffering from allergy or asthma or have pets and kids at home? Roomba 675 can help you control the allergy, plus the best solution for the pets. The device has a great suction power, including three-stage of filter function. It can trap up to 99% germs and hair plus other debris. These things made the Roomba 675 an ideal device for you.

7. Adaptive Navigation

It is a full suite of advanced sensors that allow the device to navigate around the furniture and under the furniture. Besides, it is equipped with a cliff to detect that keeps the device falling down the stairs. So you don’t need to pay attention to the device, and you can concentrate on what you are doing. If the machine comes to the stairs, it will switch the direction that helps from falling.

8. Run time and Charging

Roomba 675 needs 90-minutes to properly clean the house. The running time is perfect for giving your house a proper clean entirely. You do not need to take the device to the charging base, and it’s the best thing about this vacuum cleaner. It comes with a home charging station, so it goes to the base when the charge is required. It uses a Lithium-Ion 14.4V battery, and the capacity of the battery is 1800mAh 26wh. Roomba 675 takes two hours on average to fully charge, and with a simple charge, the device can run for one and a half hours.

9. Maintenance

Maintenance of Roomba 675 is straightforward, you need to take a little care of the robot. The bin should be empty after each vacuuming session. It’s straightforward, press on the release button which is located on top of the device. And slide out the device to clean it. The brushes plus the filter required cleaning at least once a week. Make sure that you clean the side brush of the machine, plus the cliff sensors. However, replacing the filter every 12 months is recommended.

10. Roomba Goodies

Yes, the device will give a few handy goodies to make your cleaning experience beautiful. It arrives with a user manual, one flat cleaning tool, one line cord, the charging home station, one extra filter, and the robot vacuum. Before starting to use the device, ensure you read the user manual thoroughly.

11. Warranty

Roomba 675 offers you a one-year limited warranty, and it will cover any issues on the machines. If you have any manufacturer issues on the device, the warranty will cover it. Or, if needed, you can replace the device with a new one. However, the robot is made with the best quality plastic that makes sure you use it for years to come.


Roomba 675 is an entry-level robot vacuum but features impressive things. It lets you connect the device to the wifi and schedule it. The suction power plus the filter made the best option for the allergy sufferer. It will effectively clean your house than other robot vacuums. So we’d suggest you consider the Roomba 675 before shopping for a new robot vacuum. If you wanna read more or want to check a comparison of 675 then you can take a look at Roomba 675 vs 677

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