What is an Epoxy Paint, and Where do you Use It?

Epoxy paint consists of two components: a polyamine hardener and an epoxy resin. To get quality paint, you are required to mix the two ingredients. After mixing, you are limited by temperatures and time as to how long you have to apply it. For colored epoxies, the resin is tinted to produce epoxy color. If the resin is not tinted, then the paint becomes a clear coating. 

Unlike other paints that dry, epoxy paint cures. Also, epoxy paint adheres to the concrete surface much better. The mixing of the hardener and resin starts a reactive process that produces cross-linking products while the paint cures. This cross-linking creates a hardened surface that seals concrete surfaces and is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and staining. The solid content of the epoxy determines the performance and resistance of the paint.

Epoxy paint is used in areas that require tough and durable paint and may include:


The durability and water-resistant nature of epoxy paint make it a suitable paint for the bathrooms. Typically, bathrooms have a high amount of steam and water in them. Using epoxy paint will prevent water and steam damages. When showering, there are high chances of water getting to the walls. If you have applied paint that is not water-resistant, your walls could be damaged. 

Swimming Pools and Water Vessels

Swimming Pools and Water Vessels

Epoxy paint is highly resistant to water; thus, they are ideal to use on surfaces that are often exposed to water. A swimming pool and water vessels such as boats and ships can maintain their shine by painting epoxy based paints. It is perfectly suitable to resist the chemicals found in swimming pools like chlorine salts and algae found in water bodies.


A sauna is not like other rooms in your house. Due to the high temperatures and moisture content, it should have paint that can withstand the same amount of high moisture and temperatures. Dry paint will result in peeling and cracking, and you will be forced to repaint now and then. Epoxy paint is one of the suitable choices for such a scenario. 

Commercial applications

Due to its durability, epoxy paints are used in commercial places. Applying it on the wall gives you a painted surface that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Commercial establishments have a lot of people and activities going on. Epoxy paint is a good option or this scenario.

Garage floors

The garage floor has many activities going on most of the time. People are walking on the floor, and vehicles driving in and out. Since cars are repaired with heavy tools, there is a possibility of the tools dropping to the ground and chipping the paint. Therefore, if you are going to paint the garage floor, it has to be something that can withstand a lot of impact and the abrasion of the heavy things that roll across it.

Epoxy paint is used because of its extensive resistance, bond strength, low porosity, and durability. These paints are used as floor coatings, primers, marine coatings because of their superior adhesion properties and as fire-retardants in some cases. Epoxy paints can be clear or colored. When dry, the paint provides a seal that protects the surface from corrosive liquids that pour on the ground and underlying groundwater.