What Impacts the Cost of Roof Repairs?


Do you notice that there are leaks in your roof? Are you ready to repair it? Are you worried about the cost of the repairs and what it can set you back?

Understanding the factors involved in repairing a roof can help you be better prepared to determine the budget to undergo the project.

Thankfully, this guide can help you when it comes to repairing your roof. Read on to learn the essential factors that will influence the cost of a roof repair.

Eight Factors that Impact the Roof Repairs

The Type of the Roofing Materials

If you are looking to replace a specific type of roofing material, don’t be shocked if you can’t find the right colour or material. The kind of material – say, for example, slate – you need for your roof will impact the cost of the repairs. And naturally, the better the materials, the more it will cost you to repair or replace them.

Consider The ‘Other’ Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are more than just the shingles or the tiles themselves, it’s what holds them together that makes them work as one unit. You should consider the likes of the underlayment, the flashing, the starter shingles, ventilation system (such as soffit and fascia) and ridge capping. Make sure you understand all the materials you’ll need to replace your roof.

The Labour Hire

We strongly recommend that you do not complete the roof repairs yourself. You risk causing more damage to the roof and the property while risking your own health and safety. It’s best if you hire a professional roofing company (https://hubbardexteriors.com/) to handle the repairs.

While that might cost you in labour, you’ll be getting high-quality repairs that ensure your home is protected at all times.

The Quality of the Repairs

Following on from the labour costs, you should consider the professional and the quality of their workmanship. While opting for the cheaper option makes sense, you might not be getting the best service or workmanship, which means more repairs in the future. The better the roofer, the more they’ll charge, but the better your service.

Consider the following price factors when hiring a professional roofing company:

  • Cost of labour, material collection and removal and dumping of the old roof
  • Vehicles and transportation to your home
  • General liability and workers compensation insurance
  • Licenses and bonds

The above factors will impact the price of the roofer, so make sure you speak with them before they commence working on the roof.

The Scope of the Repairs

Simple mathematics here: the more you need to repair, the more it will cost you. The worst thing about roofing repairs is that you might not know the extent of the damage unless you thoroughly inspect it. You might find that if there are many repair spots, that replacement might be the better, more cost-effective option to upgrading your roof.

The Complexity of the Roof

No roof has the perfect shape; there are facets, hips, multiple angles, valleys, and the pitch (steepness) that can make repairs a tad more difficult than they have to be. Therefore, you should consider how these factors will impact the labour and the cost of the repairs. It might take longer than expected if your roof is uneven.

Inspecting Other Parts of the Roof

The likes of chimneys, flashings, skylights, and other accessories might also require repairs, which will raise the project’s cost. You should make sure that the roofing contractor inspects these accessories, so they can determine if you need repairs or replacement.

If There is Further Damage

The roofer might discover that you have major problems with your roof, such as water leakage, mould, mildew and even asbestos. Repairing and removing these elements will affect your wallet, so it’s important to put some extra money away in case of it. This way, if any emergencies do come up, you won’t be struggling to pay for it.

Speak to a Professional, Get a Quote

As you can see above, there are many factors that can affect the price of your roof repairs. And because every house is different, the cost of the repairs will be different too. That’s why the best course of action is to speak directly with a roofing company and ask them to inspect your roof for a quote.

Only by seeing your roof’s damage firsthand will the roof be able to tell you how much it will cost you. Start by shopping around and speak to several roofers to get the best quotes.

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