What Every Woman in an Unfaithful Relationship Should Know

Infidelity has become like a song in the world we live in today. At some point, you must have asked yourself why a partner is bound to cheat on you. Even though both genders cheat, the highest percentage of infidelity lies in men. Scientists tell us that in humans, monogamy is not an inbuilt natural sexual mechanism. They say that a man is inclined to have more than one sexual partner by nature.

Even though this might be the case, nobody likes to share their partner with anyone else. Cheating in a relationship is among the highest causes of murder and suicide that we call passions of crime. If you have been cheated on, you know the intensity of the pain that comes with it. Most people feel rejected, betrayed, confused and end up depressed from the broken relationship.

Diverse reasons and circumstances make people remain unfaithful. Coping with the feelings is what determines how you move on. Today, we help a married woman in this situation know how to deal with an unfaithful husband.


Avoid rushing into decisions

It is not easy to discover that you have been living in deception for years with a cheating husband. The shock may be unbearable but making any significant decisions in this state is not a wise move.  Before you decide to move out, reflect on your marriage and analyze if there are issues that may have led your husband to infidelity.

Recognize your feelings

Accepting that their actions might have hurt more than you imagined can help you not get depressed. Sometimes, women do not realize how deep their feelings are attached to a partner until such incidences occur. You may feel anger, agitation, fear or confusion. Crying helps you release the emotions inside. Ensure that you do it in private before you can let your children know what is happening.

Take care of yourself

Sometimes the shock causes physical effects such as lack of sleep, diarrhea or nausea. It might affect your concentration at work or make you overeat due to stress. Even though your emotions may not be in check at first, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will prevent you from depression. For instance, if you have no appetite for food, take fruits to at least keep you energized for your daily routine. Exercise to help you release the stress.

Avoid self-blame

Cheating is a personal decision. Things may not have been working out well at home but blaming yourself affects your self-esteem. Instead of pointing fingers, find the courage to confront your husband when you are ready to do it. They are the only ones who can give you the answers that you are looking for.



Keep a journal

Writing down the journey can help you release the emotions. Every married couple should have an individual journal to enhance intrapersonal communication which in turn leads to better interpersonal communication among them. Use your journal to help you analyze your next move in the relationship.

Seek support

It may be hard to let other people know the intensity of the habit. However, help from professionals can save your marriage. According to research, cheating and drug abuse go hand in hand. Your husband may be keeping many sexual partners due to poor judgment caused by substance use. In such a case, SC recovery resources should be your best option. This can save him from drug addiction and restore your relationship.

In another scenario, some women who discover infidelity in marriage don’t know how to deal with the situation and end up in drug abuse. If you have reached this point, addiction support in Sedona can also help you stay clean and prevent you from falling into depression.

Attend couples counseling

If both of you decide to work towards saving your marriage, counseling can help you both of you improve your union. With the many cases of infidelity, not all of them end up in divorce thanks to counseling. A third ear can give you advice from a professional point of view and help you find solutions to problems that may have led to unfaithfulness.  This is where therapist in Beverly Hills can be of great help.

Get tested as a couple for any chronic illnesses

Stay open to the possibility of infections that may arise from unfaithfulness. Take tests as a couple for you to be aware of your status due to sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, urinary tract infections or gonorrhea. Don’t hold back on the test if your husband is not willing to do it. As a mother, it will help you know how to protect your children.

Live each day as it comes

The process of healing is not smooth but taking every day as it comes will prevent you from overthinking. Avoid stalking them if they have promised to change and focus on building your relationship without letting external factors affect your marriage.

Set standards

Coming up with your own principles will let you earn respect from your husband. Every relationship should have rules as you are accountable for each other’s actions. Full commitment to a lifetime partner demands that you understand your limits. In as much as makeup sex works to some people, do not give in unless you are ready to get intimate.  You can set boundaries as you work on trust issues together before rushing to intimacy.

Give them a time limit to change and decide when you have had enough

We all wish that our men could change their cheating habits, but this does not always go as expected to some women. Come up with a time limit as you evaluate if they are serious about their commitment. If the habit persists after warnings and enough promises, it is time for you to walk out. Sometimes, it is hard to change another person’s character. Realize when to let go and walk out when you know you won’t regret your decision.

Final thoughts

Vows are meant to last for a lifetime. This, however, may not be the case when cheating is the trend in a relationship. The polygamous nature of a man is not an excuse for them to be unfaithful. Use the above mechanism to deal with the feelings from infidelity. If every effort remains futile, walk away because maybe it was just never meant to be. Good luck!