What Dumbwaiters Are And All You Need To Know About Them


This write-up will enlighten you about what dumbwaiters are. A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator or lift meant to carry food. A dumbwaiter is provided in modern structures, for both commercials, public and private buildings. They are mostly connected between different floors. It commonly terminates in the kitchen whenever it is installed in restaurants, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, or private homes. In descriptively, a moderate dumbwaiter is a portable design in a shaft, dropped by a rope on a pulley, guided by rails; normally it has a shaft, truck, and limit more modest than those of traveler lifts, generally 45 to 450 kg (100 to 992 lbs.).

There is a company that manufactures dumbwaiter for people living in Australia. They are well-experienced when it comes to dumbwaiters. This company is called Dumbwaiters Australia, they have been manufacturing dumbwaiter lifts for more than ten years. Check out the many benefits you can get if you install a quality Dumbwaiter Lift in your establishment. You might have seen different types of lifts day in day out, but rack and pinion endure as it is still considered to be the most reliable small lift mechanism in the world today and this is what Dumbwaiters Australia does.

This company manufactured their dumbwaiters with rack and pinion mechanism. Manufacturing of dumbwaiters lifts using the rack & pinion system are regarded as the most reliable lifts in the world today. The highest quality materials are used in the making of their dumbwaiters and as a result, lateral movement of the lift is virtually non-existent. This precise engineering combined with soft start/stop technology implies that a full bowl of soup could be moved from one level to another with no drop spilled.

In case you are yet to understand how to decide whether to repair or get a new dumbwaiter, you can go through the following case studies as extracted from Dumbwaiters Australia  website and it occurred in Australia:

Case Study 1: Background

A Caulfield steak house has been profusely damaged by fire. MFB received numerous calls to attend a blaze at Limor’s Restaurant in Kooyong Road, Caulfield North, about 7:36am. On arrival, firefighters were confronted with a fire in a two storey brick building measuring 30×15 metres.


The 30 year old dumbwaiter needed to be removed and a new unit supplied and fitted to withstand the demands of a commercial environment. (A 6 week period to completion was required). The solution…. the Premium Series (DW4000-100), 2 level dumbwaiter. This unit is designed to cater for constant heavy work with a large volume stainless steel lined lift car and a huge 100kg capacity. The lift car was fitted with dual shelves, the front opening used to access the kitchen area on the ground floor and the dining area on the first floor.


This commercial application required a brand new unit be built and fitted with the 6 week time frame allowed to complete the fire damaged rebuild.


The dumbwaiter has become a vital tool for the staff. It quietly and reliably performs a variety of transportation tasks. It has eliminated the hazardous task of carrying heavy goods and meals upstairs to the dining area.

Case Study 2: Background

This luxury house on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria required a 2 level dumbwaiter.  The client simply drives their car into a ground floor garage, opens their car boot and transfers their luggage, groceries and wine supplies into the dumbwaiter then sends them directly to the kitchen/pantry.


Our recommendation was to use an AV4000PLC 2 Level Dumbwaiter, with 180 degree openings so items could be loaded on the south side and be removed on the first level on the north side. Lifting capacity was rated at 100 kgs and the car was big enough to handle a suitcase. (800 mm W x 600mm D x 1000 mm H)


Not a lot of space was available to fit a dumbwaiter that could handle the items required especially in the kitchen/pantry area. The rack and pinion design made it possible for the dumbwaiter to work with minimal space.


The dumbwaiter was required to fit in with the decor of the kitchen design.  You do not notice the dumbwaiter until you need to use it !!

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