What Does Black Mold Look Like?


Black mold remains a dangerous substance, so make sure to look into the mold removal Los Angeles offers to keep your home safe. A lot of people talk about black mold and the dangers it poses, but you may not know much about it. Luckily, I have some information to help you identify black mold and get rid of it to protect your home.

What Black Mold Looks Like

Generally speaking, you can look into multiple signs as you identify black mold. As the name suggests, most black mold appears black in color, though you can find lighter colors as well. It also appears spotty and builds up with time. If you find it in the early stages, you may see a few small circles spotted together on a wall.

However, as black mold grows, it will spread throughout the area and become darker in the center. You can quickly identify it by its color, the odor and even how it appears in a home. Black mold tends to form when you face wet areas or flooding, so watch out.

Where Does Black Mold Form?

Black mold tends to form in homes on various hard objects. For example, it can form on the walls, in the corners, and even underneath the fridge, depending on the situation. You need to look for areas where water forms or gets stuck since it tends to attract black mold and causes it to grow on those surfaces.

Dark areas also attract black mold, so make sure to check throughout your house regularly for any signs. After all, you don’t want it to form and cause damage to your home or pose any health problems. You should move large objects, look underneath them and check thoroughly.

Why You Must Remove Black Mold

While you may think you can just remove black mold with some basic cleaner, you need to remove it completely. Some may think they can overlook it, but doing so can lead to serious consequences and drawbacks. For example, you can run into the following problems if you don’t remove black mold.

  • Face respiratory problems including coughing, sore throat, and headaches.
  • Run into an allergic reaction that could lead to vomiting and your lungs bleeding.
  • The mold can even lead to rashes based on the situation.

Make sure you remove the black mold to keep you and your family safe.

Best Black Mold Removal Options

If you find black mold in your home, you need to contact a removal service to help you. Doing so will ensure you remove all the black mold since it can form again even if you clean it off. On top of that, they can identify the source of the black mold and offer waterproofing and water damage repair to fight against it.

Even if you clean it off, if you don’t remove the source of the black mold, it may return. Calling in professionals will ensure you get rid of all the black mold. From there, you can rest easy knowing they took care of the problem and various sources.


Black mold remains a dangerous substance you need to consider if you come across it in your home. Make sure you seek the professional mold removal services to help you keep your home safe from the dangers it poses. That way, you can avoid problems while ensuring you get rid of them, so you don’t need to deal with black mold again.


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