What does a traditional kitchen look like in your country?


The typical country kitchen feel is a thing of the past. This is the location where holiday feasts are prepared and enjoyed. Mornings are filled with gentle sunlight and the aroma of your favourite breakfast, and the kettle or coffee pot is always ready.

Are you getting a sense of what it’s like? A classic and rural kitchen’s vitality and charm are based on inviting warmth. Guests are always welcome to “come in and sit a spell” in a rural kitchen design.

While you may like the cosiness and some of the beauty of “grandma’s kitchen,” it may also accommodate modern design trends with wood flooring and vintage style.

How do i create the look of a country kitchen?

Country kitchens are the sum of their parts, equally at home in a modern home or a barn conversion. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a classic, rustic appearance or a more country color house vibe. A cast-iron range or range-style stove, uncomplicated cabinetry, and warming wood components are essential for both.

A freestanding larder or pantry cupboard painted a different color than the rest of the cabinetry may also give the impression of being unfitted and unstructured. If you must have them, keep contemporary built-in appliances to a minimum and, if at all feasible, hide them behind cabinet doors for a more genuine feel of country style kitchens.

What are the most popular materials for country kitchens?

Think wavy-edged or rough-textured timbers, as well as flagstone or terracotta flooring, in country kitchens. Beams provide ambience if you’re trying to reproduce a classic rustic appearance, but they might detract from basic Shaker cabinets topped with beautiful granite or stone composite in modern renditions.

Tile Backsplash is making a comeback, and there is a slew of period-style patterns and forms available in modern, easy-to-clean materials that will offer a pop of colour and interest behind a sink or range.

What colors are in for country kitchen right now?

While dark colors are still popular in kitchens, lighter colours generally work better as a basis for a country design color scheme for interior design, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere should be the focal point.

Although greys are typically thought of as clinical and ultra-modern, they may be blended into a rustic scheme by carefully selecting the undertone, such as a warmer green-grey than white kitchen cabinets.

Brighter yellows and crisp greens, which are well-suited to larders or dressers to invigorate a neutral room, may then be accentuated with this comfortable foundation design. ‘ Wood tones are slightly deeper, especially for flooring, with oak taking on a more conkers colour, however, anything with a reddish tint should be avoided

To add interest, use patterns

To add interest, use patterns

When you think of country style, you might think of plaid blankets and tweed, but there are many more patterns that can be included in the design of your new kitchen. Against a rustic setting, stripes, flowers, and forest and farm animal patterns will all look great.

Consider your cookware and tableware choices, which, depending on the design and colour, may assist to create a unified look in your kitchen, particularly when it’s on display.

Le Creuset is well-known for its high-quality cookware that comes in a variety of colours. Millbry Hill provides a large range of country kitchen accessories, such as patterned tea towels, oven gloves, and mugs, that may be used to bring flair to your kitchen. Emma Bridgewater, Sophie Allport, and Garden Trading are among the other culinary favourites.

Include antique accents

If you don’t want your country kitchen to appear too modern, add some antique elements to make it feel more traditional and lived-in. You could go all out and buy a used dining table and chairs, or you could choose a few modest trinkets to scatter around the room.

Love Antiques is a wonderful mine of antique furniture, clocks, decorations, and even lights from reputable sellers if you want some old-fashioned pieces for your kitchen.

Invest in classic appliances

Homeowners typically change their equipment with more conventional designs when constructing a country kitchen. While this isn’t strictly essential, it may help give your kitchen a more rustic feel. If your current appliances have reached the end of their useful life or you just want to go all out, Marks Electrical has a wonderful selection of vintage kitchen equipment that will blend seamlessly into your new kitchen design.

Don’t be scared to experiment with different combinations

A country kitchen doesn’t have to be flawless; in fact, when items are mixed and matched, they tend to appear nicer and homier. For instance, you could wish to have four distinct seats around your dining table or different knobs on all of your cupboards. This will add to your kitchen’s charm and give it a casual, easygoing vibe.

When shopping for mismatched furniture, ornamental pieces, and kitchen equipment, car boot sales and marketplaces are excellent. If you’re not sure where to look for them in your region, put your postcode into Car Boot Junction and you’ll be sent to a list of all the regular events worth attending.

Identifying Traditional and Country Kitchen Design Features

Here are a few design elements that distinguish a classic rural kitchen from the rest:

Doors with raised panels

Farmhouse and country kitchens, in general, have more decorations and ornamental elements than modern kitchens, and country kitchens are no exception. Even if homeowners choose a less elaborate style for the bottom, we frequently instal cathedral-type doors on the uppers. Shaker-style doors are extremely popular, particularly among people who wish to give their home a more contemporary vibe.

Finishing the cabinet

There are several different cabinet finishes to select from. One of the most popular country finishes is all-white cabinetry. Wood finishes, on the other hand, are a popular choice; darker finishes are more formal, while lighter wood finishes are more informal. Consider painting one set of cabinets and/or your island a classic country hue if you want a more eclectic or rustic design. Farmhouse kitchen palettes may be found at your local paint supply store.

Shelving that is open

Open shelves are common in country kitchens. This is where you’ll keep your colourful or ornamental serving ware, pitchers, and daily coffee cups and plates. If you don’t like the concept of fully exposed shelves, consider adding glass cabinet door panels to create a more formal version of the same look.

Block of butchers

Countertops made of wood or butcher-block type are making a resurgence, and we adore the appearance of a butcher-block style island. It’s a fantastic spot for rolling out bread or chopping veggies, and it has a rustic feel it. Because butcher blocks are so sturdy, they’re typically passed down from generation to generation, so you might want to use one on a movable kitchen island so yours can do the same.

Vintage, whether original or replica

Vintage decorations – or replica vintage accents – may provide just the right touch to a typical rural setting. Light fixtures, drawer pulls, and doorknobs, a free-standing cabinet or kitchen island, a braided area rug on the floor, and so on may all be used to include them. It will seem a little cosier if you add one or two antique or vintage accessories.

It’s best to avoid the matchy-matchy appearance

A real rural or farmhouse design makes do with what’s on hand and avoids wasting money. As a result, everything grew out of sync over time. Paint the upper cabinets a different colour than the bottom cabinets and/or paint the island a different colour to bring a touch of this mismatched flair to your own kitchen space.

Mix and match your drawer pulls and cabinet door knobs at your raised island, or use mismatched but complementary bar stools. This will also assist to keep things exciting in your kitchen.

Remember that having a few current elements, such as stainless steel equipment, isn’t a bad thing. A competent kitchen designer can assist you in finding the perfect balance.

Is your family yearning for a lovely classic country kitchen, perhaps with a modern twist? Make an appointment with the Kitchen Magic design team for an in-home consultation.

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