What Do Solar Panels Cost, and Are They Worth It?

Solar panels are perfect for homeowners who want to reduce their utility bills. If you wish to get Solar Panels in Brisbane, you should be aware there are many factors to put into consideration before you dabble in it. One major factor is cost. In this article, we’ll be talking about how many solar panels cost.

According to the Center for Sustainable Energy, the average cost of the system and installation itself can be between $15k to $25k. However, this amount can be higher or lower than the range, depending on your location and the person carrying out the installation for you. The cost of installing a solar panel also depends on the size of the system you’d like to install and the type of panels you intend to use.

Regardless of the system you decide to use. It would help if you kept in mind that switching to solar power requires a lot of initial upfront investment. The solar equipment and module will take up the largest portion of the overall expense.

How To Determine If Solar Panels Are Right For You

Go Through Your Electricity Bill

Electricity is very important in all homes. The lack of electricity can lead to a lot of problems and damage. It could make life generally inconvenient.

Unfortunately, just because it is essential doesn’t mean it comes at a cheap rate. In fact, electricity takes up a high chunk of most homes’ utility bills.

Suppose you’ve gone through your electric bill and you find out you’re spending too much on electricity; solar energy could be right for you. It could completely eradicate electricity costs.

Examine Your Sunlight Exposure

If you’ve not been paying attention to the atmospheric condition in your environment, now is the time to do that. It’s no news that solar uses a great amount of sun, so you’re more likely to benefit from it if there’s a great amount of sunshine where you live.

Additionally, how exposed your home is to sunlight, shade level, and roof type can also affect the output of a solar system.

You could engage a solar installation expert to help make an estimate of how efficient panels in your area are before you decide to go for yours.

Calculate Cost of Solar Panels

To get a close estimate of how much the installation and maintenance of solar panels cost in your vicinity, you can try asking your neighbors who are already using them. Also, you can use a SolarReviews calculator to estimate the system size for you. You will find them online. When calculating your total price, the amount of energy you consume and the size of the system you will need to generate the energy needed must be taken into consideration. It would help if you also calculated the cost of maintenance.

Importantly, solar panels are designed to last for more than twenty years and don’t need much maintenance. So, you may only need to focus on the cost of purchase and installation.

Search For Incentives

In case you weren’t aware, the government often offers significant incentives to homeowners for incorporating solar energy as part of their alternate source of energy. Even in some states, homeowners with solar panels can sell excess power to their local utility companies.

You can also get about 26% of your total cost of installation in the form of tax refunds. These refunds don’t come in the form of cash. It is usually deducted from the tax you owe. You are also entitled to extra incentives such as cashback, expedited permits, and waived fees.

Check Your Budget

The major factor that should determine whether you get solar panels or not is your budget. Even if you get incentives from the government, you can’t rely on this. So, before you decide to go for solar panels, examine your budget for power. If it’s in line with the cost of solar panels or slightly different, you may decide to go for it. The most important thing is to ensure the cost doesn’t affect the budget you’ve made for other essential parts of your life.

You should also note that you can rent solar panels instead of buying them outright. This will help reduce your upfront cost and make things easy. However, you may not get incentives.

When you go for solar energy, you are only doing your part in ensuring a sustainable environment; you will surely be getting more value for your money over time. So if you have been considering solar energy but haven’t decided, now is the time!