What Color Of Tile Would Best Fit Your Bathroom?


Colors generally are one the most critical determinants of whether your bathroom will look beautiful, be totally-relaxing, and space-optimized.

It is quite interesting to note that choosing the right color for your bathroom tiles is what will give you value for your money or otherwise. A wrong choice may make you end up tiling afresh.

The right tile color is usually determined by factors like the size of your bathroom, the colors of other bathroom fittings and fixtures, and of course, your preferred bathroom theme and style.

If you are wondering how to choose the right tile color for your bathroom, worry no more as this article will help you do exactly that.

Neutral or Light-colored Tiles?

Colors that fall under this regime include white, cream, grey, and nude. From traditional times, they have been the most preferred colors by both bathroom designers and homeowners. The reasons why there are preferred include:

  • They make a bathroom look both peaceful and exquisite. They tend to create that distinct ambiance that most homeowners crave for. Using light or neutral-colored ceramic tile for bathroom will always make you look forward to visiting your bathroom.
  • They are great for small bathrooms. They allow light to bounce on them and so, create an illusion of a larger space.
  • They make it easy to spot dirt. This is one of the major reasons why many people prefer ceramic tile for bathroom that fall under this color cluster. Needless to say, dirty bathroom floors and walls can be a breeding ground for germs. These colors make seamless not only the spotting of the dirt but also the cleaning exercise.
  • They usually adapt to the colors of most bathroom fittings and fixtures. It is interesting to note that most of these items, including bathtubs, Jacuzzis, shower cubicles, washbasins, and water heaters come with lighter colors, especially white.

White particularly, seems to be their default color setting. These kinds of tiles will always create the much-needed continuity in design that will make your bathroom a box of beauty.

Darker-colored Tiles

There are lots of tiles that come with such darker colors as green, brown, black, and navy. Most bathroom designers and homeowners that prefer them simply want to go out of the ordinary and do something unique. They are mostly preferred for:

  • Large bathrooms. They tend to make large bathrooms look exquisite and not appear too large. This is because they have limited light bounce.
  • Designer bathrooms. Darker colored tiles are usually most preferred for designer bathrooms which often have fittings and fixtures with such color regimes as gold and other precious metals.
  • Patterned tiles. These always look great in darker colors as the patterns look more accentuated.
  • Vintage bathroom themes. These usually require darker, conservative tile colors.

In choosing the right color of tiles to use in your bathroom, we advise you to examine a color pallet for the kind of ceramic tiles that you want to purchase. This will enable you to see colors that meet your most intimate desires.


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