What Causes Silverfish Bugs On The Bed?

It is not uncommon for people to wake up in the middle of the night to spot an insect on the bed. While there is a wide range of insects that could be found on the bed, there is a very high chance that it is a silverfish bug. This is because silverfish bugs enjoy eating cotton and linens, which are a common fixture on a mattress. Lots of questions are usually asked about silverfish bugs, as to where they come from, and how they get onto the bed. This article will address all you need to know about bugs and where to find the best bed bug heater.

What Is Silverfish Bugs?

Silverfish bugs are nocturnal insects with silvery-light gray and blue coloring. The bugs get their name from their color. Silverfish are also known as fishmoth and usually measure about half an inch in length, with their body shaped like a teardrop.

Why They Are Found In Beds

Silverfish bugs enjoy staying in closets and bathrooms, but bedrooms appeal to them as well. This is because they enjoy living in cool and dark spaces that are moist. The bedroom offers them the perfect living conditions, with dark spots abounding as well as human sweat making it damp. What is more? They get to feed on your linens and sheets. Find out more about silverfish below.

What Do Silverfish Bugs Eat?

Silverfish bugs like carbohydrates, which means that they enjoy items rich in starch and sugar. As a result, you can be sure to find them feeding on things like human hair, glue, dandruff, carpeting, coffee, and clothing. As a result of their diet preference, they enjoy staying in bedrooms. Here, they are sure to find pieces of clothing that are wet and covered in sweat, hair, dandruff, as well as cotton, are usually also available. Silverfish bugs do not feed on human blood, neither do they sting. In essence, they have no negative effect on your health asides from which being annoying pests.

How To Detect Silverfish Infestation

While these insects will not affect your health directly, an infestation still comes with some advantages. In large numbers, silverfish bugs will cause damage to household items such as books, textiles, and wallpapers. They can also damage your bedding and linens. To be sure if you are dealing with a silverfish infestation, look out for yellowish stains on your linens and fabric. Check for small and irregular holes as well as black specks. Their mouths are too tiny and weak to bite humans but are strong enough to cause damage to household items.

Restful sleep is very crucial to your productivity during the day, and silverfish can affect that by damaging your bedding. This is well it is important to get rid of them before they cause serious damage. Contact a professional pest control company around you to get rid of silverfish bugs in your home. Learn more here about silverfish bugs.