What Causes Roaches Infestation?


Roaches are dangerous insects; apart from being creepy and disgusting, they are capable of contaminating foods and transmitting more than 33 disease-causing bacteria and six parasites that can lead to diseases like dysentery, cholera, and typhoid fever.

While you’d want to avoid an infestation of this critters, it’s important to know what attracts them Here are top causes of roaches infestations and how to prevent them.

Causes Of Roaches Infestations

It is crucial to understand the cause of roach infestations to prevent them from invading homes and offices. Roaches infest homes and offices for specific reasons, which are stated below.

1. Shelter

Roaches invade homes and offices and infest them because of shelter. Cockroaches are always on the lookout for a place to hide and reproduce. A good shelter also allows roaches to conceal their eggs until they hatch.

The more cluttered a home is, the more attractive it is to roaches because it allows cockroaches to be there without detection.

2. Moisture

Cockroaches are very sensitive to dryness, and heat and moisture are required for roaches to reproduce. A moist environment is a perfect breeding ground for bugs. Water from leaking pipes and stagnant drainage are screaming the attention of insects and, in no time, will promote infestation in your home.

3. Food

Cockroaches feed on just anything except inorganic materials. Cockroaches also have an insatiable appetite, and their specialized sense of smell makes it easy to find food for them to eat. Food items like cereal, snacks, and biscuits should have their original packs replaced with plastic or metal storage.

4. Dirty and Grimy Kitchen

The kitchen has the highest chance of roach infestation because that’s where the foods are cooked. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink till the following day would encourage roach infestation. So keep the kitchen clean always and orderly.

Also, make a habit of eating in a single room; this is to ensure that all food crumbs can be easily found and removed.

5. Neighbors

Sometimes the people you surround yourself with would determine what you will have and not have. If you’re living in an apartment complex or condo and share a wall with a person whose home is infested by roaches, you will soon have cockroaches in your home. The best way around this is to discuss routine home sanitation with your housing agency.

6. Trash

Take out your trash daily, mainly if your trash contains leftover food. Wash your trash can and clean or wipe it with disinfectant regularly.

Other Reasons for Roach infestation

  • Regional Climate
  • Leaving pet food out
  • Darkness
  • Keep your home at optimal temperature — not too warm and not too cold.

How to Prevent Roaches Infestation

  • Cover all foods items
  • Fix all leaky pipes
  • Keep your home clean and orderly
  • Avoid clusters
  • Look out for possible roach infestation
  • Do pest inspection at least twice a year
  • Clear all bodies of stagnant water
  • Seal possible entryways

Roaches infestation can cause serious health problems, and it is better to deal with it before it starts, as it is always easier to prevent than to start looking for a solution. Remove everything likely to entice roaches into your home and seek professional pest expert help when it escalates.

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