What Can I Build Around the House?


Plenty of DIY projects focus on around-the-home decor, some of which won’t require much time, effort, and money. You will find home projects you can complete in a day, while others need at least a week to finish.

To help you out, here is an assortment of interesting DIY projects for sprucing up your home. Use them to transform your abode today!

Around-the-House Home DIY Projects

More than anything else, you’ll feel a sense of pride when someone admires your home. Whether that’s through an outright compliment or a mere second glance at an exterior structure or decoration does not matter. You’ll feel proud either way.

If you want your home to garner that kind of reaction from guests and passers-by alike, consider any of these DIY projects.

1. An Affordable Wooden Bench

Beautiful outdoor seating is something you don’t typically associate with a cheap price tag, but a simple DIY bench could be among the few exceptions. With novice woodworking skills and no more than a 30-dollar budget, you can build a wooden bench in just a few hours.

For this project, all you need are two boards and some screws. Step-by-step instructions are all over the internet, too. They may vary from one source to another, but they should be easily doable all the same.

2. A Fire Table

Spruce up that outdoor living space with a gorgeous fire table that will make everyone want to spend time outdoors. Imagine coming home to this relaxing area after a long day, sipping your favorite cold beverage, and detaching from everything else.

And if you’re in the mood for some company, it certainly won’t take much to get your housemates to join. They’d be more than happy to gather around this spectacular centerpiece, which showcases not only the beautiful outdoor view but also your incredible DIY skills.

3. Table With a Tile Top

This is a project where metalworking, woodworking, and tiling expertise come into play. It’s not something we’d recommend to DIY beginners. However, they should be able to learn from it and enjoy it like everybody else.

A tile-top table would make a perfect addition to an outdoor patio or deck. Use your knowledge of tiling techniques to design a simple table that goes with the existing theme.

This table’s legs are made of hand-bent metal and possess that rustic look that complements country-themed decors. You can find various instruction resources for such a project, but make sure to pick one that puts emphasis on accurate leg shaping.

Nothing about the project is too complex, but it can take a couple of days to complete. The instructions should tell you what to accomplish by the end of each day for timely completion. Depending on the materials, the project can cost anywhere from 150 to 500 dollars.

4. Concrete Tabletop

A concrete tabletop project sounds like it would take a long time to complete. In truth, it shouldn’t be the case if you plan everything accordingly. Plus, it will make for an ideal first concrete project.

The how-tos for this type of table construction often involve the forming of the legs from wood. A plan that doesn’t include this part will make things more difficult for the DIYer. It’s also where most of the work is directed, and you’ll find yourself with a less fulfilling project without it.

You can scale down the project by aiming for a smaller coffee table, which can be as beautiful an addition to an outdoor living space as the larger structure. It’s also easier to complete and provides more opportunities for affordable customization.

5. Pedestal Picnic Table

Who doesn’t love a picnic table in their backyard? This project is a more refined version of the park picnic tables we’re used to. And that’s a good thing, as that means it would fit perfectly on a deck or patio.

Whether it’s drinking beer with the adults or barbecuing with the kids, you’ll find that this table provides enough seating accommodations. It’s also a great conversation piece on account of its timeless craftsman-style design and nail- and screw-less structure. That means you can sit with no table legs in the way and not worry about garments getting caught on anything.

6. DIY Folding Chair

This collapsible lawn chair is an ideal beginner project. It’s designed with a cutout on the backrest for easy carrying and a simple interlocking mechanism. Basic woodworking tools and a 50-dollar budget are all that’s required to get this chair done. Of course, you may scale up on the project by choosing more expensive wood.

Build Something Beautiful, Functional, or Both

Either construct something that beautifies your outdoor space, adds to its function, or does both. You’ll find tons of other worthy projects outside of our list to try out. Just remember to consult a professional in case things get complicated.

In your excitement to DIY an outdoor bench or table, you may overestimate your skills or overlook some safety concerns. If anything, that should call for expert intervention, pronto.

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