What can go wrong with water filters in your home?


Do you notice anything weird in your water supply? The water in the glass can look murky or dirty. Or, you may have encountered white spots on your shower and bathroom walls. Sometimes, the taste and smell of the water can also feel unusually different and unpleasant. For instance, when you took a few sips, it may have left a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. It can feel like a metallic flavour. If these things are happening, you need to get alert about your water filter. After all, drinking impure water can be unhealthy for your family and you.

Homeowners install filtering systems to get an uninterrupted supply of clean, clear, and pure water. But unwanted tastes and odours, chalky residues, and other such elements can spoil your experience. However, you don’t need to worry as you can get it fixed with the help of a local plumbing agency, like Brisbane Plumbing And Drainage. They can solve any issue that your water filter may be facing. Anyway, before this stage comes, you have to understand the signals that hint at its health.

Identifying problems with the water filtering system

Water pressure

Clogged pipe or a faulty water filtering system can suffer the problem of water pressure, which can be the result of overused or damaged cartridges. If you don’t replace these on time, these issues can happen. Also, it can be the reason behind the contaminant buildups. If you see debris in the filter, you may have to call a professional to deal with it. The person can change the filters or cartridges.

Muddy water

Your filter may not be properly working if you see a high concentration of chemicals and turbidity in the water. You cannot take this lightly. You have to contact your plumber to get it checked and fixed quickly. Otherwise, you will be risking your health and quality of life. Usually, in these scenarios, plumbers replace or repair the systems. Or, they can add another filter to prevent turbidity caused by sediments and chlorine.

Carbon levels

Another reason behind impurity in the water can be high carbon levels. For this, you may need a special filter that can purify your water and make it safe for use and drinking.

Unpleasant taste and smell

You can take this as a warning that there is contamination in your water. If you find the taste and smell odd, call your local plumber for filter examination. Impurities and pollution can affect your water supply. Experts usually recommend using a new and advanced system to tackle these issues better.

Sometimes, these occurrences can be attributable to the cartridge. If you don’t replace them on time, the water quality can diminish due to improper filtration.

Since drinking and using clean water is the basic need for good health, you cannot risk your and your loved ones’ lives due to negligence or unawareness. It would be best if you got your filter checked the moment you found something wrong with the quality of your water. In Brisbane, you can find plumbers easily. So, you don’t have to spend too much time on this.

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