What are the ways to market an interior design business?


Interior design has long been a sought-after profession. For decades, interior design firms have thrived thanks to referrals and the desire of people to style their homes and commercial spaces. But, after all, how far can word-of-mouth help the interior business grow? When Covid-19 struck in March 2020, the interior décor industry, like every other industry throughout the world, received a nasty jolt. The world has abruptly altered, with practically every customer canceling or postponing existing or planned contracts.

Every small business owner had to adapt according to the situation to survive. The pandemic had reinforced their confidence in digital marketing and the need to establish their company’s online presence with service like Simplygram. If you own an interior design firm or home improvement business, now is the best moment to have a digital marketing strategy in place. This article talks about a few tips to assist you in marketing your interior design firm online.

Hire a professional marketing company

You have mastered the subject of interior design, and as an interior designer, you know how to design the most beautiful and functional homes, but do you know how to promote your business on the right platform? You might not since it is not your core business function. In such a scenario, you would need the assistance of a professional who has the experience and can assist you in promoting your brand through various digital marketing techniques and the right plan of action.

Tap into social media and generate more leads

Social media channels are ideal for showcasing your interior design projects through pictures and videos. Therefore, these platforms have a higher possibility of generating leads and conversions. Nowadays, most businesses are using Facebook and Instagram to promote their brand, attract more followers and grow their business leads. With the right digital marketing company, you can gain 30,000 followers and attract advertisers who will pay you simply for advertising their home improvement products. The best part is that the followers’ growth is done organically, which will help you reach out to your target audience.

Go for Email Marketing

If you have a CTA i.e. Call to Action on your website that urges visitors to sign up for email newsletter you must send interesting, tailored, information-rich, and easy-to-read emails. Email marketing, when done right, may help you turn more leads into customers. In addition, using creative photos and including a clear call to action in the email text will be quite beneficial. You may also use infographics, graphs, and other media. Sales, discounts, and special offers can also be shared via emails.

Request reviews from your clients

Client reviews work great to attract more clients. You can post text or video reviews on your website and social media pages to help your business tremendously. It will surely position your business ahead of the competition. Simply ask your customers to post a review for you on the internet. Make sure you send an email that consists of some reviews site already posted and a template that they can refer to if required.


Whether you have just started or have an established name, there is always a potential for expansion. At the same time, depending on social media alone is not enough; you must continually update and renew your website content and/or blog too. Make sure your website and social media profile reflect the most current tasks you’ve accomplished. Simply follow these basic tips and establish a personal connection with your customers to make your business flourish.

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