What Are the Types of Partition Wall for Apartments and Offices?


Interior partitions are designed to divide the space inside the living area while maintaining the overall interior design. What can you advise me? As a rule, serious requirements are not imposed on them. But it is necessary to select a durable material. CommercialGlassPartitions.com glass partition systems are best suited for this. Also, you can prefer Movable Walls that make your apartment or office place more unique.

Still, in the modern construction of apartments and offices, several types of interior internal partitions are used, distinguished by the type of construction. Meanwhile, if you have a problem with an unlevel site, what you need is a professional sloping block builder brisbane.

Types of interior separation by design features:

  • It is built from bricks or building blocks. With the correct reinforcement, high structural strength is ensured. Some builders plaster the partition with plasterboard, which provides an additional noise reduction effect.
  • Frame partitions. They are made of a metal frame and sheathed with plasterboard. A good sound insulation barrier can be created inside the wall using mineral wool as a filling. The surface of the frame partition is plastered and leveled for finishing.
  • Sliding interior partitions. As it is noted on the Commercial Glass Partitions site, this is the simplest option that doesn’t require construction work. It is crafted from wood or glass. They perform an exclusively decorative function. And they are inferior in terms of strength and sound insulation to other types of interior partitions.

What Are the Advantages of Glass Partition Systems?

Glass partitions are a popular design solution in modern apartments, as experts from Commercial Glass Partitions say. They are actively used for full or partial zoning of rooms of any format. Glass partitions have many advantages: they open up creative freedom, make it possible to implement interesting and functional interior solutions, and are cheap. Glass partitions for offices is the best solution for your office space to make it more attractive and comfortable.


The glass panel partition is light and elegant. It doesn’t burden the space. In a small apartment or an office, glass structures will delicately divide the functional areas. They can be made stationary or sliding, with or without a door. Glass panel partition and movable walls are thinner than plasterboard or brick walls. If the room is small and every centimeter counts, opt for glass structures.

Light transmission

A glass wall is suitable for separating that part of the room that doesn’t have a window because it lets sunlight in.

Odor barrier

Sliding glass partition systems are perfect for zoning the kitchen and living room. When closed, they almost don’t let smells from food cooking on the stove into the recreation area. But don’t install heating devices near it because it has a low melting point.


Glass partitions are suitable for any interior style. Just contact Commercial Glass Partitions and they do glass partitions for you. Depending on the pattern, material, and design of frames, additional decorative elements, you can choose solutions for the classic style, loft, minimalism, or hi-tech.

Environmental friendliness

Unlike many modern panel building materials, glass is absolutely environmentally friendly. It doesn’t emit any harmful substances during operation and doesn’t burn. Glass is an excellent material for arranging an apartment where people with allergies live as dust hardly accumulates on it.

According to Commercial Glass Partitions, the best thing about a glass partition is that you can fit it into any interior style. The assortment and types of glass, frames and possible dimensions are quite wide.


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