What are the best exterior shutters?


Exterior shutters play both functional and decorative roles. They add not only elegance but also a touch of class and style to your home. As a homeowner, you have many shutter options and styles to give your home that customized look that you’ve always wanted. You can hinge them to secure your windows from weather and unauthorized entrants. Window shutters ate a gem to homeowners that want to add style and power to their windows. Are you searching for the best exterior shutter ideas? Have you tried Southern Custom Shutters – white plantation shutters in North Carolina? Meanwhile, here’s what to know about choosing the best exterior shutters.

Choosing The Best Material

The shutter material you’ll choose will depend on your geographical location and climate, the purpose of the shutters, such as security or aesthetics, and your budget. There are different shutter options for you;

Aluminum: Electrostatic aluminum is the most popular in this category. These shutters are crack-resistant and can neither warp under the sun nor rot. Another plus of aluminum shutters is their ability to shield your house from storms and other bad weather situations. They are simple to operate, and their lifespan is approximately 30 years. Aluminum is also a choice for homeowners because it requires less maintenance.

Wood: Wooden shutters are suitable for dry climates as moisture makes the wood rot. They are more expensive and require higher maintenance levels regularly.  Regular sealing and coloring are among the critical maintenance strategies for wooden shutters.

It’s advisable to settle for eco-friendly wooden shutters such as cypress, redwood, mahogany, and cedar. Cedar shutters are vital in insulating the house and safeguard the occupants against low temperatures, such as during winter. Cedar is also twist and warp-resistant.

Composite PVC: If you’re working on a tight budget, consider going for composite wooden shutters. The shutters are made from PVC, making them less-lasting than wooden and aluminum shutters. The most significant benefit of PVC shutters is their rot-resistant ability. It also doesn’t crack or split like wood and vinyl shutters.

Composite shutters give your windows a touch of natural wood and can be mistaken for wooden shutters. You can paint them in any desired color, making them convenient for color customization.

Vinyl: They are the cheapest in the category of shutters. A significant limitation of vinyl shutters is their vulnerability to cracking or warping. Larger installations are also prone to sagging as the shutters age. Vinyl shutters also stain quickly and may be challenging to fix and clean. The shutters are ideal for homeowners working against a tight budget and are ready to meet the high maintenance standards.

Tips For Purchasing The Best Exterior Shutters

Type and size

The first step when purchasing window shutters is measuring your windows to determine the size of shutters suitable for your home. You may also think about the specific type that you want to install to match your home. For instance, if your home features a Greek Renaissance or colonial style, it’s advisable to go for raised panel shutters to add a touch of class. Talk to Southern Custom Shutters – white plantation shutters in North Carolina for available options in this category.

Mediterranean or Cape Code houses will best match with board-and-batten shutters. The shutters will accord your home a magnificent finishing, thanks to their vertical panels and horizontal battens. You can settle for three boards and three battens or four boards and two battens.


Color is crucial in creating desired effects or contrast. Bright colors such as alabaster or light blue give your house a wider feeling. Windows will also appear bigger if you settle for similar window borders and shutter colors.

Are you in love with dark color themes? You can settle for dark brown, dark green, or dark blue colors. You can draw color inspiration from the colors of the sun.

Final Word

The installation process begins once you’ve purchased your desired shutters. You can install the shutters by fastening them into door screws or hinge them. Installing exterior shutters not only add elegance to your home but also boosts its security because they are anti-theft. Besides, shutters enhance the durability of your home by shielding doors and windows from harsh weather.

Choosing the best exterior shutters will get you what you want to transform your home. Purchase the highest quality exterior window shutters at Southern Custom Shutters – white plantation shutters in North Carolina and fulfill your dream of having a durable home. An elegant home begins from classic exterior finishing using shutters.

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