What Are the Advantages of Second Storey Additions?


Many home improvements are developed out of necessity, whereas others provide a space expansion that used to be a perfect fit but can no longer suit your family’s needs. Is the bungalow you have, always cherished for its comfortable design, now becoming congested? Instead of moving, why not build upwards and consider switching your ranch-style to a two-storey house?

A second-storey upgrade is a common alternative for single-storey residences that have grown bigger but would much rather remain and remodel instead of relocating. Although it is a home improvement project on a bigger scale, second-storey additions may be among the most satisfying and long-lasting upgrades a house can undergo.

Here are the advantages of second storey additions:

Offers design flexibility

The most significant advantage of adding a second storey to your home is that it provides flexibility in the structural design of your property.  The Ross North Homes website contains a diverse range of modern two storey homes designs. You can customize your extra room in any way you want based on your necessities and tastes. One of its most basic design options is to construct all the bedrooms on the second floor because this offers more privacy while providing more efficiency and restructuring of the first floor.

Most households who have selected the choice of having all the rooms upstairs often convert the ground area into an extensive open floor plan in which all the living areas form one massive space. Second storey additions let more light in your house, which makes it feel more expansive and sophisticated, so if you want to host a party, there is nothing quite like an open plan with an alfresco area designed to lead outdoors from the lounging space. A second storey addition helps you build your house in whatever way you like, transforming it into the home of your dreams.

You get to keep your outdoor space

If your house is in a limited area or if you have a ton of functional purposes to use or save your backyard area, building upwards would help you keep most of your outdoor area. It is best for households with a swimming pool or a garden. It is also convenient if you need more space for your kids and pets to play about.

Provides you with a better view

When you live in a beautiful location, a second-floor extension will offer you spectacular views. When you are close to the ocean or the state park, a second storey addition could be a fantastic feature that allows you to chill out and enjoy the surroundings without even stepping out of your home.

You do not have to move

It is common for many families to purchase a bigger house as their family members grow in number. Building up on your existing home helps you to get the entire living area you need without the need to go over the daunting processes of selling, buying a new place, and moving to a new environment. These require a lot of energy, effort, and resources more than you know.

Add value to your property

Every form of home remodeling will add value to your estate. Once you intend to sell your house, the second storey would raise the value of your property because the pricing is generally measured on the sum of the living floor space. Your consultant will help you make improvements that would provide you with the highest value for your money.

As with minor construction projects, adding a second floor requires significant architectural and engineering preparation, like equipping the major upgrade with ventilation, electrical, and plumbing to construct a comfortable home environment for your household. Getting a second-storey addition might seem like an enormous building work with everything that’s involved. If a second-storey addition has always been your dream, contact a professional home renovator now.

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