What are the Advantages of Having a Double Oven?


Celebrating feasts and special occasions with family and loved ones could never go wrong. Sharing laughs and good food with the perfect companions is the ultimate combination. However, as much as inviting and entertaining people could be exhilarating, cooking might be the other way around. It can be challenging and time-demanding when you need more resources to cook with. Even with an oven in the kitchen, people still need help with synchronized cooking with pastries, side dishes and meals altogether— a reason why some households prefer to purchase a double oven instead of just having a single unit.

croissant in an oven

This type of oven has two separate cooking compartments that can be preheated at different temperatures, set on times and other settings that are needed for your cooking. Double oven saves up most of your time in the kitchen since you can cook multiple dishes at a time using both ovens.

If you are struggling with your single oven and are also considering upgrading to purchasing a double oven, here are some advantages listed for you:

  1. Bigger cooking space. Double ovens are stacked vertically, saving you more room to move and cook freely in the kitchen. Since some modern homes have little space for the kitchen, this type of oven is perfect for securing an outstanding quality of food and bigger space. 
  2. Simultaneous cooking. This oven allows you to cook larger sets of meals as it offers two individual cooking spaces with the same capacity, which is far better than having a single unit. The double oven also makes cooking faster as you can use both compartments with different temperatures as desired or as needed for your dishes. 
  3. Practical for business. Business owners deal with numerous orders, especially on holidays, so owning a double oven saves the day. Restaurants or home-based businesses could use the help of this type of oven to lessen the amount of time in preparing food for their customers without compromising its quality. 

Regardless of its advantages, home and business owners should also understand a few drawbacks of owning this type of oven, where as follows:

  1. No self-installed storage. Single ovens usually have underneath storage that could perfectly fit large pots, frying pans, skillets and more. Since a double oven uses every inch of the space, there will be no extra room for underneath storage as the single unit can provide. 
  2. Increased energy-cost. If you use both units together daily, your energy cost will probably exceed the average energy cost usage compared to owning a single oven. However, if you use just one oven compartment, the cost would be just the same as using a single oven. 
  3. More Expensive. As it may be more practical for an everyday use, a double oven is expected to cost more than a single one. It may differ on the brands (LG, Whirlpool, Fisher and Paykel, etc.) and the oven’s features, size and configuration.

If you have decided to purchase a double oven, here are some things you should consider:

white accented kitchen with double oven

Size. Ensure adequate wall space for a double oven. Think about the space you need for your family size and the time you will spend using your kitchen. Also, consider the size of the oven you think of purchasing; it may be wall-mounted, full-sized or customized. The lower rack of this oven type is often near the floor, so caution for kids is a must.

Reliability. More space in the oven can increase opportunities for malfunctions. However, this could be avoided by purchasing a double oven from a well-reliable brand. Keeping warranty options in mind when making purchases should also be considered. 

Features. This type of oven can offer various features that are modern and convenient. Depending on the brand, consider the features you want for an oven to own in your kitchen. You could choose the colour, the size and a lot more. Some models of the double oven can be controlled via smartphones.


Technology has slowly made everything faster and more manageable in today’s generation. Cooking has never been easier than today by owning several kitchen appliances such as a double oven. It can save you time from preparing, baking and cooking large meal sets during family occasions and gatherings. You can do more things at once, like cleaning or spending time with your family – without fear of getting the food burnt, as some double oven models can be managed through smartphones. There will also be more space for you and your kids to learn cooking and baking as a family bonding time.

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