What are Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings?


Nowadays, Property owners not only build comfortable, healthful, and beautiful homes but also strive to save on energy and water. It’s so unfortunate how most people don’t always take issues related to plumbing so seriously. Everybody wants clean water getting in their washrooms and the sinks. Though more often than not we don’t reckon about the devices behind the smooth flow not until they malfunction. Putting up with the initial replacement of plumbing fixtures is such an awful experience. However, it is an occurrence many homeowners may have to deal with. How can you know when it’s right to change plumbing fixtures? When it is your first time, it can be so hard to understand and notice the damages in your dishwashers, taps, toilet, showers, and bathtubs among others. This post will help you get the details about what plumbing fixtures and fittings are and also, how to change plumbing fixtures.

Getting The Basics

What are plumbing fixtures?

They are devices with the required facet designed for a particular function. They can therefore enable the removal of waste in the plumbing fitting to the drainage or sanitary plumbing. There are various types of fixtures and fittings. The waste outlets, taps, and pipes initiate the movement of water. Some of the ground fixtures are the autopsy table, urinal, and a waste pan. For transparent plumbing services pricing click here.

Fittings Versus Fixtures

Fittings are those apparatus not connected to a property, except for a nail or a screw. On the other hand, fixtures are items attached to a given property. Normally, It is anticipated the fixtures will be entailed in the sale of the house unless the seller doesn’t accept so. However, the fittings aren’t included even though one can accept to let them remain with the buyer.

Why Do You Need to Change Plumbing Fixtures?

Deterioration of The Fixtures

Having fixtures that seem worn out and bygone is something irritating to use and glimpse at. Mostly if it used to glow and it is forthwith very dull with cracks or perhaps your sink doesn’t appear clear even if you carry out a thorough cleaning for its scrubbing.

A Defective fixture

Have you replaced all the functioning parts of a toilet more than twice? And is there still more damages or a cracked bathroom sink? You need to consider replacing them. This can be better than continuous repair which may be expensive compared to a replacement.

The Need For an Upgrade

At times you may need to just change your style and feel content in your house. If you are bored with the way your kitchen or bathroom looks you can either change your sink or faucet to get the look you desire. And if you are renovating the whole house you can change every other fixture. It is even recommended that you buy new air lock valves to upgrade your pneumatic conveying systems.

Modern technology.

Consider replacing an outdated model with a recent one. This will help you prevent the overuse of water. You can opt for one that is environmentally friendly. Hence you will spend less on your bills as you economize on water use.

Change In the way of life.

You may want to match your present lifestyle to complement the plumbing fixtures rather than using one for the wrong purpose.

Discarding The Outdated Fixture

Turn off the water source. Check under the sink to ensure you shut the valves below. Mainly the valves for cold and hot water. Ensure they are both shut down in a clockwise direction. Make sure you do not twist them. In any case, there are no valves under your sink, you can follow the direction of the supply line, from the fixture until you get to the valve you are looking for.

You can even turn off the main valve or the water at the heater and also the one circumventing the cold. If this happens leave the fixtures on the lower part of the floor turned on to empty the water from the whole system. Proceed to switch on the fixture you want to change after closing off the water source. This is to confirm the water is turned off. If there is still water discharge, the valve may be faulty.

You can then use a wrench to pull out the supply pipes. Use slotted pliers to make the valve stable as you continue to unwind the water connections. This will help maintain a twisted valve and even prevent any destruction from occurring. After you disconnect the valves, detach the older fixtures.

You can find them held by the retaining nuts below your sink and it banks on the present format. At some point, it can be hard to reach them and you will require a basin wrench. You may also get a socket wrench which you may have received together with the fixture. And after you unfasted the retaining nuts you can remove the bygone spigot from your sink.

The Installation of A Different Faucet

Faucets come in different types of designs. Moreover, there are many ways to custom-make, between the spacing of the needed holes, distinct spray nozzles plus several handles. Before you acquire a recent faucet, take note of your setup, mainly the current location and number of holes in the sink or counter. You can transform the countertops and sinks, though you’ll have to explore before you buy a  new fixture.

First place the bracket fitting between the sink and fixture. These will have a lather creating a seal to prevent water from getting under the faucet. You can then make the supply pipes of the faucet start operating, and then ensued by threaded fasteners into the holes of the sink. Ensure the retaining nut is tight.

In case you were not given a socket wrench with the fixture, and the opening is smaller and needs a basin wrench, be more cautious so as not to break the spigot’s water supply canals. This depends on the design of the specific faucet, though if the water canals are in the retaining nuts’ way then It can be more helpful to cover them with a protective item or nylon tape. If you destroy the water supply lines, it can cause leaks and many other unwanted experiences. After everything is done go ahead and do the connections.

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