What Are Bathroom Sinks Made Of?


When it comes to bathroom fixtures, there is lots of useful information to know. This includes the names of your favourite styles and colours, but it extends much further. You can also learn about what products and materials are used to make these helpful water basins.

If you were to learn this particular information pertaining to bathroom fixtures, like sinks, you would likely find out they include several different materials. These materials include everything from vitreous china to enamelled cast-iron. Other materials include enamelled steel, tempered glass, stone, wood, acrylic and solid surface.

But, just knowing the types of materials used in these sinks is not enough. You must also understand the different advantages and disadvantages that these materials bring to the table. Or counter, to be a bit more accurate. Below, we look at these materials, explain how they are made, and provide information about their distinct characteristics. Read on to learn more!

Bathroom Sink Materials & Their Characteristics

Clay-based Ceramic Sinks

Clay-based ceramic sinks include items like vitreous china, fireclay and porcelain. Both porcelain and vitreous china are essentially glazed materials coated with hot liquid glass that is allowed to cool. They offer many advantages, not the least of which is the ease of cleaning. They are also common, cost-effective and available in a wide range of styles, colours and shapes.

Metal Sinks

Metal bathroom fixtures encompass a number of different materials, including brass, copper, stainless steel and more. Depending on the type of metal, you may need to do extra maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. This is true of copper and brass materials, for example. Still, metal sinks are often worth a lifetime of use and can accent and beautify many different kitchen styles.

Solid Surface Sinks

A solid surface is a material made from several sheets of a composite material made of mineral compounds and polyester or acrylic resins. They are very customizable due to their construction, which includes the shapes and colours they come in. They can even be made to emulate different textures and materials, like wood or steel.

Tempered Glass Sinks

Tempered glass sinks are thick-walled and made with heat-treated glass. These two traits help prevent the glass from chipping, breaking or shattering. The result is an attractive and durable sink that offers a unique look. Like the more expensive metal sinks, the glass will require special care to avoid damage associated with regular use, including water spots and scratching.

Stone & Cast Iron Sinks

Stone and cast iron sinks are grouped together due to their heavy weight. Stone sinks include granite and other rock materials, whereas cast iron sinks are typically coated with ceramic to improve their appearance. Both options will last multiple lifetimes, but be aware that some stone materials may be porous and, therefore, require additional maintenance and attention.

Understanding the difference between the various types of bathroom sinks can be very helpful for those looking to purchase a new one in the near future, but it always helps to have inspiration and relevant information. These qualities are in great supply at hardware stores like cosmaroma.com.

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