What Adds the Most Value to a House?


Are you a homeowner hoping to sell your home? If so, you need to figure out ways to increase the value of your house. Potential home buyers will pay top dollar if they see how features of your home that look high in value.

The best route to help add value to your home is from home improvements. Investing in renovating your home for the better can pay off in the long run and make a profit from selling it. However, it depends on what kind of renovations you plan on doing.

Check out a few of these home improvements that can help add the most value to your house!

A Roof Replacement

A roof replacement might seem like an unlikely way to add value to your home. Yet, it has some unexpected benefits that contribute to your house’s value. One of the hallmark benefits of a roof replacement is how it guarantees safety. For potential buyers, a roof that doesn’t look structurally sound is a red flag. They can pose a danger by potentially leaving them vulnerable to the elements and causing further damage to the home. In their mind, it translates to either having to commit more time to maintenance or coughing up money for future repairs. Both are rather unappealing. When you replace your roof, it reassures buyers of protection. Plus, it does help them save money as well. A new roof means you can make it more energy-efficient, which helps reduce the cost of utilities and lower insurance rates.

A Kitchen Remodel

You honestly can’t go wrong with a kitchen remodel to add value to your home further. It’s a popular way to increase the value of your home since it’s been known to make the investment worth it. In some cases, folks can get up to 80% of a return for their kitchen renovations. However, not just any renovations will guarantee that. What you choose to renovate can dictate whether you can get more or less from your investment.

In which case, check out these kitchen renovations to consider to help ensure you make a worthy investment:

  • Update fixtures (e.g. sink)
  • Paint or add hardware to cabinets
  • Paint the kitchen with a neutral colour scheme
  • Install radiant heating on floors
  • Add or replace the backsplash

An Improved Curb Appeal

As much as we’re taught that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts,” it’s not something you want to bank on completely for your home’s value. Just as it’s important to create value from the interior of your home, you need to make that same value with your curb appeal. First impressions are important to home buyers. If they see a home that looks washed out and with an unkempt yard, it already sets a negative precedent from the get-go.

Thankfully, you can easily improve your curb appeal in various ways – some of which are quite simple! One easy way is by cleaning up the outside of your home and providing general maintenance. You can start by removing unruly weeds and finding ways to make the grass look nice and lush. You can add some aesthetic greenery by including flowers or other potted plants. Also, if your house’s exterior looks grimey, consider pressure washing away the dirt. If removing dirt still makes your home look washed out, give it a paint job! It will make your home practically look brand new again!

A Window Replacement

In the housing market, many potential homeowners stress how much they want natural light. Typically, the homes with the most natural lighting have a higher value. However, you might ask yourself: “Well, how can I add more natural lighting to my house?” Easy – by including window replacements! With a window replacement, you can choose the right orientation and height to help maximize the amount of natural light in your home. In addition, a window replacement is a great investment to add value since it can be energy-efficient. Like a roof replacement, installing new windows that are more energy-friendly will do wonders for reflecting heat into the room in the winter and reflecting heat outdoors in the summer.

A Bathroom Renovation

Like kitchen renovations, you also want to consider going for bathroom renovations. After all, like a kitchen, it’s an area that everyone uses daily. Also, bathroom renovations are similar to kitchen ones since they also have a high chance of adding value to your home.

Yet, what kind of bathroom renovations can ensure that? Here are a few ways you can do so:

  • New plumbing fixtures
  • Any vanity upgrades
  • Fresh paint
  • Better flooring

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to add value to your home. In these ways, you can assure yourself that you can gain some profit from investing in these forms of renovations on your home. Good luck selling!

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