Ways to spend more time with your senior loved ones

Just because they’re old, it doesn’t mean they are boring. Spending time with older relatives can be an enriching experience from which everyone has only to learn.

We know that the age difference can sometimes be an impediment, but you’ll be surprised how much fun you can have getting together with your senior loved ones. Plus, it’s an excellent way to show them how much you appreciate them, which is nothing but necessary in the case of the elderly. Seniors tend to isolate themselves because they have the impression that they are no longer useful or interesting. Thus, a bit of social interaction will significantly contribute to their self-esteem and mental health.

It’s time for young and elder generations to bond over shared experiences, even if it might be a challenge. You may think that there are not so many activities you can do together, but learn that there are plenty of ways to spend quality time with your older relatives or friends.

Read on to find some exciting activities to do with the elderly in your life. Meanwhile, if you are already old and want your children to always have faith in God and be strong, giving them a cross ring is a great option.

Arts and crafts

Creative activities aren’t meant to happen only in a classroom or community center – you can have so much fun painting or drawing in your living room, too! Besides, this is an excellent way to spend time with your older loved ones. Arts and crafts are incredibly versatile, meaning that they can be practiced by anyone, at any age, and tailored to everyone’s abilities. Painting on canvas, coloring books, and fabric mosaics are just a few ideas of entertaining activities that can be practiced by both young and old. Painting on canvas, for example, can transform into a session of working on each other’s portrait or a particular scenery. You won’t need many things to start this inspiring activity: some paint brushes and acrylic or watercolor paints should be enough. In the end, you can give each other’s masterpiece as a gift!

Forget about those coloring books for kids: you can buy adult coloring books specially created to help both young and adults relax and unwind. It’s a great way to beat the stress of everyday life and boredom that is a common problem among seniors. The lack of mobility is no longer an issue because this activity doesn’t imply too much physical movement. But if you want to help your elderly with movement problems, consider working with clay – it can hone their fine motor skills.

Sightseeing trips

Sightseeing trips are also viable options for spending more time with older family members or friends. Once they get on in years, seniors will find it difficult to go and visit the surroundings, the lack of mobility or company being only a few reasons. But visiting a beautiful spot or seeing a new attraction shouldn’t be excluded from their list of do-to things. Depending on their physical condition, you can choose to walk a trip or jump in the car. Make sure you pick the spot you want to see beforehand to know where you’re heading, and don’t waste time – if, for you, it can be fun to explore streets randomly, it can be incredibly exhausting for older people.

Take care of them

You shouldn’t perceive caregiving as a burden, but as an act of gratitude – when you were a little kid, they also cared for you. Besides, taking care of your elderly is not only about helping them eat or move – a simple visit and regular checking is also a great way to take care of seniors. Compassion and encouragement words are more helpful than you think, as older people do need them. With age, people often lose hope and start thinking in a pessimistic manner, and if there’s no one to remind them that they’re worth and matter, this can transform into anxiety and even depression.

However, if your older loved one has a fragile health condition needing constant attention, consider remote telehealth healthcare. Some professionals can take care of seniors right from their bedside so that you do not worry about their health status. This is a viable healthcare solution for older adults who need wellness visits or 24/7 support.

Play games

No one is too old to try a new game! There are games for all ages and needs, so this method remains a classic when it comes to entertainment. Think about a game that you think your elderly will love, and don’t lose time: start playing. It can be anything from the well-known Monopoly, cards, and puzzles to online games. One thing is for sure: these kinds of activities are a great source of a fun time. There are also educational games that the whole family can enjoy. Puzzles and board games offer a unique learning experience, so next time you’re looking for family entertainment games, remember that you have plenty of options!

Simply talk to them

Sometimes the best therapy is simply talking. Ask your aging parents, grandparents, or any other elderly in your life about their feelings and experiences. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from their life experiences. Seniors are a source of wisdom and can teach you how to handle challenges like failure or loss. It’s also an excellent way to discover your family history, so don’t hesitate to ask them how your parents were when they were the same age as you, how you were as a child, what memories they have with you, etc.

You can also look through photo albums and share memories. Seniors will see this activity as an opportunity to talk about the good times and hardships they overcame.

Other activities that you can do with your senior loved ones include watching movies, TV shows or listening to music, making a meal together, exercising, and participating in charitable works.

The way you choose to spend time with your aging relatives or friends is only up to you. Depending on their health condition, abilities, and needs, choose something you think is suitable for both of you.