Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cosier


The bedroom is the homeowner’s oasis. It’s the place where they can unwind and rest for the next day. The bedroom must be one of the most comfortable areas in the house because it is where people spend a third of their day. Only a select few get to see the insides of the bedroom as it’s a private place, the innermost sanctum, if you will.

Ensuring that the bedroom remains cosy can be quite challenging. There are several ways you, as a homeowner, could improve the area. You can renovate and remodel it depending on your needs, or you could add features and accessories and make it homier. Regardless of what route you take, you might have to enlist professionals or DIY it to achieve success. For your project to succeed, you must consider hiring a skip to remove the debris and clutter. Then, you must enlist the help of a reputable company like www.aasvogel.co.uk to provide the skips you need.

Here are some ways to make your bedroom cosier.

Add area rugs

Lay down a plush area rug to help set the boundary and ambience in the bedroom. Having something comfortable underneath your feet will make your room feel much better. Choose shag area rugs which complement the colour of the floors, walls, and ceilings for a cohesive design.

Mind the lighting

One of the best ways to make the bedroom cosy is to use appropriate lighting. Try to avoid installing fixtures which use harsh light. If you install dimmable lights, you can control the amount of illumination to reach your maximum comfort and help you rest better. Floor lamps could also help set the ambience.

Make the bed the centrepiece

Select a comfortable and big enough bed for your purposes and make it the room’s centrepiece. Let the bed dominate the room and attract the attention of anyone who enters the space. Let the bed reflect your personality, and don’t forget to lay down clean linen regularly.

Cover the windows

You should also have a window treatment for your bedroom. Blackout curtains, Venetian blinds, or privacy films can help insulate you from prying eyes, but more importantly, they can help you get a good night’s sleep. These can block out sunlight so you can enjoy more time under the covers.

Make the room a no-tech or low-tech zone

Try to make the bedroom a low-tech or no-tech zone. You can rest better if the blue light coming from your mobile phone wouldn’t distract you. Unplug the gadgets once you step inside the bedroom to rest comfortably. You can fill your bedroom with books or vinyl to help you sleep faster.

Add more pillows and blankets

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the number of blankets or pillows on the bed. Use as many as you’re comfortable with and make your statement.


The bedroom is your sanctum. However, you can make it cosier by adding several personal touches to make it truly your own.

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