Ways to Keep Your Ceilings Cleansed


Ceilings are that part of walls which we see the most but clean seldom because of its somewhat difficult position. It is quite troublesome to take proper care of your ceilings, but they do need proper maintenance. Ceilings also get filthy with dirt and stains but are not visible to us. So, we can’t just leave it unnoticed, there are some really easy and simple ways to keep your ceilings up to mark.

Clean ceilings give you confidence internally as well, so you should never step back to the thought of cleaning ceilings while you are cleaning your walls. These are some ways to clean your ceilings and make your home the perfect place.

1. Remove the debris

The ceiling also needs to be dirt-free. Run the vacuum along the surface of your ceiling, some of the debris will erase in the manner, you can use a whisker brush to clean the scratches on the surface. While cleaning grout, you need to pay attention to the corners because these specks of dirt stick around the corners.

You can wipe out the dusty areas with cleaning products like HG, they help in taking out the dust from every nook and corner. You can use a cloth to wipe out the dirty area and rub off the dust on the surface without applying too much pressure. Change the cloth or the duster continuously so that the dirt doesn’t accumulate.

2. Wiping down the dirt in the ceiling

Make a cleaning mixture with your cleaning solution, check twice before using the cleaner so that it doesn’t affect your paints, tiles, walls, etc. Mix these cleaners and pour them into a spraying bottle. Don’t use harsh chemicals, prefer organic chemicals as they don’t harm your walls.

Shake the bottle vigorously and sprinkle it over the surface so that they cover the entire ceiling and do not leave splotch marks. Do not make the surface soak, use a paint roller to effectively cover the entire surface and avoid roughness. After this, make the ceiling dry with a cloth so that it absorbs the excess water from the surface.

3. Clean the stains

Your ceilings may have pencil marks or other similar marks, use an eraser to remove these marks gently. Erasers are perfect for removing these types of crayon or pencil marks. You can also use baking soda to remove these stains. Use a mixture of water and baking soda and apply over the stain, then wipe it off in a circular motion.

You can also use trisodium phosphate to eliminate the stain. It makes a thick mixture, which has to be applied with a brush over the stained area. Take proper care so that the TSP doesn’t harm and destroy your walls.

4. Make it Consistent

Don’t remove the stains in an uneven manner. Make them smooth with paint rollers. After completing these steps, notice the changes, and repeat these steps often. Do not leave it after once, make it a consistent effort to clean your ceilings. Consistency gives results.  However, it requires a certain level of home improvement skill.

If you continue cleaning your ceilings regularly, they won’t accumulate stains and dust, and it will be easier for you to maintain your ceilings.

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Methods of Creating Coved Ceilings

There are a number of construction methods to create a coved ceiling. The traditional way of installing coved ceiling is by using layers of plaster and wire mesh along the joints between the walls and the ceiling. However, it requires a certain level of home improvement skill.

Final Words

Ceilings are also a part of your home, rather a very important part, so you must not forget that and start considering these ways listed in the article as you get rid of all those pesky stains. All the aforementioned steps are really simple and will not take much of your time, just a little of your effort, and congrats, those beautiful clean ceilings are once again ready for you.




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