Ways To Get Your Home Summer Ready


The weather is finally getting cooler, and it is time to head outdoors. If you like hosting, now is the time to start planning and preparing for the barbecue party and enjoy your afternoons by the pool. But before the summer months are set, you must get your home summer ready. Every little change in the climate is a chance for you to address issues in your home and make it look fresh and cool throughout the year. Here are a few tried and tested ways to get the home summer-ready without spending a lot of money.

Tune up the HVAC system 

If there is an inefficient HVAC system in your home, it will lead to higher cooling costs, and you could pay a lot more towards the cost of repairs. Hence, it is advisable to tune up the system annually. You can hire a professional to handle the task for you. Make sure you contact the professionals before the start of the hot summer months. They will ensure the system is well maintained and runs efficiently in the summer. It will not cost much but will ensure the longevity of the system. You might also need to change the air filters. With a clean filter, you can reduce the allergens in the home and ensure the system runs properly. The filter should ideally be changed every three months.

Rotate your ceiling fans in a counterclockwise direction

A ceiling fan will help keep the room cool in summer. However, since they haven’t been used for a while now, you must ensure they are working efficiently. You must set the ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise. It will ensure that the cool air is circulated in the room and is pushed down. It will bring a cooling effect across the room. To ensure that the air doesn’t flow outside the room, you need to check the doors and windows. Only when the doors and windows are working well, it will keep the air indoors. The experts at Legendary doors and windows state, “ If you notice that your energy bill is soaring and the HVAC system is working efficiently, you need to get the doors and windows checked and replaced, if necessary.” You should even look for the gaps in the doors and seal them right away to keep the hot air outdoors and cool air indoors.

Start using the lawn sprinkler system 

The lawn in your home will need a little more hydration to sustain the summer days, and if you have a sprinkler system installed, now is the time to make use of it. You can speak to a professional to help you with the sprinklers and ensure they are functioning efficiently in terms of power and rotation. You need to ensure that your lawn receives the right amount of water and you do not over water it. Run the sprinklers in the early morning or the evening to ensure you are not watering the lawn during the hot parts of the day. Additionally, remember to aerate your loan. This means making small holes in the yard, which will allow for better water penetration and help the soil soak up the nutrients. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to handle it. The costs will vary based on the size of the lawn.

Clean the outdoor grill

There is nothing like enjoying a cookout with friends and family during summer and if you like to invite people home, you must ensure the grill is ready for a barbecue. Set aside a weekend to clean the grill and, if you own a gas grill, start by scrubbing the grates using a brush and soak them in a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Remember to dust off the cobwebs from the grill and clean the exterior of the lid using water and soap.

Clean the gutters

Rain can lead to a disaster if the gutters in your home are clogged. You will have to schedule gutter clean-ups to clear the debris and dirt. It will help prevent water backups. It should only be handled by professionals because you do not want to end up ruining the plumbing or causing damage to the home. If you have a larger home, gutter cleaning will cost slightly more.

Lastly, ensure that the humidity level in your home is about 40% to 50% because if it is on the higher side, it could cause mites and mold. You might want to invest in a dehumidifier to ensure the excess moisture is drawn from the air. These are a few ways you can get your home ready for summer. Since these tasks cannot be completed on a weekend, you might want to spread them out over a few weeks.

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