Want To Add More Value To Your Home? Here’s How


For those considering moving house, adding value to your existing home means that you could end up getting a better price for your home. Meaning more money towards your next house or to place in savings. If you’re trying to think of ways to add some value to your home, then take a look at the following post. We’re going to be covering some of the best ways to add value and help drive the sale of a property. Keep reading to find out more.

Brightening Up The Exterior Of Your Home

The outside exterior will be the first impression prospective buyers will get of your home. Therefore, you want to try and make it as appealing as possible. Consider how you could help to freshen up the look of your property’s exterior. For example, does it require fresh paintwork or rendering? Is there woodwork that could be renewed, or furniture added that helps to make your home look more welcoming? Working on landscaping a front yard will help to tidy up your home’s exterior and make a property more attractive to those looking to buy it. You don’t necessarily need an elaborate landscaping project; a simple neat lawn and a few shrubs and borders can make all the difference and won’t require high maintenance.

New Doors And Windows

If you’re home has older doors and windows then it could be worth considering having new ones installed. New doors and windows not only can make a big difference to the exterior of your home but are also one of the best ways to add value to it. This is because new door and window fittings provide several different benefits. Such as increased security, better insulation, and a more modern appearance. When buying new windows and doors consider what style would best compliment the property as well as what would make it more appealing to new buyers.

Installing Solar Screens

Solar screens are a great addition to have fitted to your windows to help add value and practicality to your home. They not only help to prevent heat from entering during the warmer months but also prevent heat from escaping during cold weather. What’s more, they also block harmful UV rays from entering your home. Helping you to protect yourself, your family, and even the furniture you have inside. Retractable solar screen options give you the versatility of being able to choose when to use your solar screens and when to open up windows instead.

Updating Sanitaryware

New and updated sanitaryware is a great way to update a bathroom or kitchen without having to have a complete room renovation. It can help to add value to your home without you having to fork out the cost of a new bathroom suite or kitchen which can be costly. When choosing new sanitaryware, consider what is currently in style and will be most appealing to prospective buyers. You could also factor in the age of your property, as period properties may suit a different style to a more recent build. Not only does new sanitaryware make your home look more modern, but it also makes it more efficient and reliable which is hugely appealing on the market. New buyers are unlikely to want to have to spend on having new fittings installed if they can avoid it, with most buyers preferring to be able to just move into a home that’s ready for them to live in.

Converting Your Basement

If you’re looking to add more considerable value to your home, then something such as a basement conversion could be the answer. This allows you to create a new space in your home that will give new buyers extra living space and practicality. Whether it’s used as a laundry room or an additional bedroom, basements are a useful space and can be used for a multitude of purposes. When converting a basement, you need to ensure it is damp proofed and has been properly insulated. You should also have a window or other escape route to help improve safety in the event of a fire.

Converting Your Attic

Another option is to convert upwards in your home instead. An attic conversion is a great way to add space and value to your home without having to build on extra rooms. Attic spaces tend to have poor insulation so this will need to be improved to create a warm and practicable room. A secure and easy to access stairwell should also be added rather than access via a ladder as this will help to create a more usable space. Conveying an attic space into an extra bedroom is one of the best ways to get more value added to your home from the space, especially if an en-suite bathroom or walk-in wardrobe space is also added.

Have A New Kitchen Installed

When looking to purchase a new home, many buyers could be out off by an outdated or poor condition kitchen. Replacing a kitchen comes at a cost, and many new buyers won’t want the hassle and strain of having to carry out a kitchen renovation. Therefore, if your home kitchen is starting to look a bit tired, updating it could really help to add value to the property and make it far more appealing on the market. Generally, it’s best to choose a kitchen that can be appealing to as many people as possible which usually means using neutral tones and designs. This allows new owners to then put their own stamp on the home and add more unique features should they wish to. White marble tops and white doors with neutral tiling are the best choices to help make your home more appealing. It will also help to reflect natural lighting in your property, another important selling point.

Have A New Bathroom Installed

Similarly, updating a bathroom or washroom will also make a big impact on the impression prospective buyers get of your home. Adding a new bathroom suite and a fresh coat of white paint will be a big factor in helping your property to appear cleaner, more modern, and more practical for those considering buying it.



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