Wall Tie Replacement: How and When


Wall ties are a necessary part of any home, and when they get old or damaged, it is essential to replace them. But how can you tell? And what if you have never replaced them before? When these points get old or damaged, wall ties can be difficult and sometimes impossible for a homeowner to replace without professional help.

When you suspect that a particular wall tie has become broken or loose, look for cracks around the Read on for our guide to wall tie replacement: how and when.

Wall ties, what are they?

Wall ties are metal brackets that keep your wall from bending and cracking under the pressure of gravity. They’ve been around for decades but have only recently become a hot topic in construction. Wall ties work by attaching to one side of the supporting structure and then running across to another point on the same level or higher up.

How long do wall ties last?

Wall ties are made with metal and should last for decades, but it is essential to replace them especially if they get old or damaged.

These days wall ties are stainless steel which will reduce the chances of corrosion.

How do you know if the wall ties do need replacing?

Never assume wall ties are still secure. If you see cracked paint or cracks in the drywall, the wall ties may have failed:


If you see vertical or horizontal cracks in the mortar, it might mean the wall tie has failed. This often happens when there are corroded metal ties that take up more space than they used to. The bricks on top and below the metal tie will move apart and create cracks in the mortar bed.

Bulging Brickwork

Which is when you see bricks bulging outwards towards the exterior of a building. This means that there are no ties to hold them in place, and they have begun moving away from each other, which could lead to an imminent collapse if not dealt with quickly.

Cracks or split of the window reveals

This is a problem that happens when there is movement inside the house. When this happens, gaps and cracks can appear between the window frame and window reveal. Sometimes, the depth of a window reveal can also have an inconsistency.¬†Make sure to replace windows or doors that have cracks you can’t fix. To do this, hire window and door replacement services in Newmarket.

Sagging lintels or lifting

Another sign that the wall ties need to be replaced is when you notice a sagging lintel or lifting door reveal. There will often be a gap on one side of the door frame and window when this happens. This can also occur between two windows if they are not correctly connected, which means some bricks may.

When a building expands, it can either be pushed up or down. Window sills also can be the same way.

We recently spoke to a company that carries out wall tie replacement kent, they said when we visit customers they find they would have one of the above issues for years and let the issue grow bigger putting stress on more parts of the wall. So it is key to get a professional in if any of the signs above do arise contact a professional asap.

You need wall ties replaced.

So you have one of the signs above and need your wall ties replaced, so the next step is finding a good company, and the things to look for are quality, service and warranty.

A good company will have all three of these things and be able to answer any questions you may have for them in detail. Once you find a reliable company, they can come out with their best estimate on the cost and also how long it would take to complete your job. You should consider this before making a decision.

What will they need to do when replacing the wall ties?

Wall ties are a vital part of your home’s foundation. Wall ties hold the wall in place and keep it from bowing out or pulling away from the house when pressure is applied to that area. The good news is, the replacement process is not too bad to do, especially for an experienced company.

The quickest and most cost-effective solution to wall tie replacement is the installation of remedial wall ties. These are followed by removing or isolating the existing ones. There are three types, but most people use either mechanical expansion, resins with grouting, or other more unique types of wall ties.

Many factors need to be worked out. That is why you use an experienced company because they will know what type of wall ties you need and how many are required to fix the issue.

When you have a wall that is sinking, it’s not just the appearance and structure of your home we’re talking about. You need to make sure what type of ties are necessary so this doesn’t happen again in the future for both safety reasons and peace of mind.

The first step in replacing your wall ties is to assess the damage. If you are unsure at all about what type of wall tie or how many you need, call a professional for help. Replacing them yourself could be more complicated and dangerous than it’s worth! So the key is to find a good company that can deliver on the quote and the job at hand. This article is to give you the main issues that happen with wall ties and next steps to getting them fixed.


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