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Make your amazing home with some simple wall paneling ideas

Wall paneling is not a modern trend. It’s so much popular than the previous times. The best side of wall paneling is it changes the look of your room and covers all the distractions of your wall. Wall paneling can be said to be a long term decoration of a wall. It can be made with wood, plywood, parts, paint etc. If you wanna learn some basics of wall paneling ideas then you are at the right place. Today I will discuss how to make your rooms amazing with wall paneling ideas.

Creative wall paneling ideas

Wall paneling is a kind of art. The art which enhances the beauty of your house. The paneling can be of many kinds like single wall or double wall etc. And types of paneling materials are different.

So i have figured out some paneling ideas which can be used on single or both walls. Let’s have a view on it.

Plywood wall paneling

Plywood is an alternative to wood. If you have some unused plywood. You may use it in different patterns to make the wall beautiful. Plywoods needed to be attached with air compression. Make sure no air space behind the plywood coverings. Usually, this kind of panelling is used to make extra boxes and cabinets to make proper use. You might make a bookshelf or cabinet for keeping the things on them..

Board and batten paneling

Board and batten paneling is a lower portion paneling procedure. Usually, it’s made up to two-thirds portions of the wall.  It is one of the most used wall paneling. If you wanna use board and batten paneling in your home you might use any kind of colorwork on it. The widely used color is white and chocolate color.

Picture frame molding paneling

This is named as picture frame molding as the ancient painters used a kind of separator pattern between two images. So wall paneling with a picture frame means a repetition of a specific design on the wall. Picture frame molding paneling is also a popular type of paneling but it requires a skilled hand to complete the task.

Color shading with pattern

It’s the most easy and simple idea. If you have a good painting hand then it’s the most suitable task for you. Firstly cover the wall totally with a bright color with shade. Shading means darker at the upper/ lower region of the wall and it goes lighter towards the opposite direction. When  the coloring is done. You may use any kind of flowering or abstract shape design on the wall maintaining a specific distance.

Wallpaper and design paneling

Wallpaper and design paneling is the easiest way to make your room amazing looking. Nowadays, the wallpaper designs are manufactured with wooden texture. I swear you wouldn’t be able to identify entering the room whether it is wooden or plastic made. Just make the wall smoother, buy the suitable wallpaper for your wall and just stick it on the wall following the direction.

Simple direction For You

Wall paneling is not always an easy task. It requires creative ideas with a skilled hand. Because not all the wall paneling is the same. Every wall needs different kinds of design that’s suitable for the home..

After a long work, an unskilled hand might turn your joys into depression if the design doesn’t suit your room. So you might take the help of any skilled hand like GM Carpenter.

An experienced eye would catch in a sudden what your room actually needs. And some of the tasks require some special equipment. Which is not available to you. This equipment help to get the perfection to the work. As some of the tools are- air compressor, air hose, paint tray, nail gun, clumps, cordless drill etc.

Final Words

Wall paneling is popular since ancient times. But the form of paneling was different then. In the old days, they liked to make paintings in their caves. But in modern forms, we like to have wall paneling into our office, home, schools etc. Because it increases the beauty of the rooms and sometimes also increases the proper utility use of the room. As interior design is also related to it. Hope to do your wall paneling with care and if you are not so confident about the task make sure to take the advice from the skilled ones.

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