Uses of Synthetic Urine


Synthetic urine has become common nowadays with a lot of companies formulating it for people to pass drug tests. Besides producing fake positive results, what other functions does such urine have? You will be surprised because P Sure Synthetic Urine has multiple uses and here are some of them.

Testing of Mattresses

Mattresses are produced in various qualities. For one to know whether it is of high quality or low quality, it needs to depict a certain degree of absorbency. Manufacturers use fake urine to determine how good the mattress can handle urine. You will be able to know if the mattress is of high quality or not. Low-quality mattresses degrade in quality the moment they touch urine so they are not good for you. besides the mattresses themselves, there are also mattress covers that are also tested whether they can prevent urine from reaching the mattress or not.

Checking Quality of Diapers

Diapers are used in children to absorb urine and keep the baby in a dry and safe place that doesn’t cause any skin irritation. Synthetic urine which contains the same components as natural urine can be used to check the quality of the diaper. Some diapers absorb urine but after some time, they release it back to the baby’s skin causing an immense irritation of the skin that is characterized by a rash. When the manufacturer is testing the diaper’s resilience to urine, the findings are normally reported so that consumers can know whether the diaper is of high quality or not.

Testing the Quality of Lab Reagents

When you go to the hospital for a urinalysis test, they normally use the dipstick method. That dipstick is normally tested using synthetic urine before natural human urine can be used to test the efficiency of that dipstick. The synthetic urine can also be used to test some drugs. How they react to people’s urine so that proper precautions can be taken when using the drugs. Synthetic urine has also been used to test the cleaning capability of certain detergents. The detergents used in cleaning toilets and washrooms are supposed to be efficient enough for them to be of benefit to the users.

Passing of Drug Tests

Employers, immigration departments, sports clubs, and schools have started testing people’s urine to check for drugs before they can accept some of these people in their institutions. Since many people know they can’t pass such a test because they are frequent users of drugs, they resort to buying fake urine. UPass Synthetic Urine contains the same components as human urine so if it is tested for drugs; the test result will be negative. It has become the order of the day and since the testing department gives people the freedom to go and collect urine, you can use that opportunity to use your alternative urine.

Some Government Restricts the Use of Synthetic Urine

Some governments have not legalized the use of synthetic urine. Even top online sellers such as Amazon don’t include it in their listing because it promotes the use of drugs in society. Companies like diaper companies, mattress companies, and detergent companies are the only ones allowed to have synthetic urine. That doesn’t mean it is illegal, you can buy it for your safety in case you get an opportunity that requires you to undergo a drug test.


Synthetic urine is essential in many ways. Just check the best manufacturer who knows how to produce natural-like urine and you will be able to pass any drug test. Before the drug test, you can do some cleansing practices as well so that you get rid of the drug traces in your system.

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