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BIBS is a premium Danish baby- and toddler brand established in 1978, which offers a wide range of pacifiers. With a creative and progressive mindset and innovative production setup, they are committed to offering sustainably produced, original, safe, and aestheticBIBS pacifier. Their journey began with the well-known “Colour” pacifier, to which numerous more styles and product categories have since been added.

Product Range

Today, a BIBS pacifier or pacifiers are offered at more than 9000 points of sale and is present in over 80 markets throughout the world.


The Boheme Pacifiers are the brand-new pacifiers offered by BIBS inspired by the bohemian style.The bohemian aesthetic blends organic, quirky, and natural patterns with natural materials like wood, rattan, and macramé to create a new, creative, and adorable design.Boheme has an organic silhouette and natural features, giving it a modern, artistic look.

Colour Pacifiers

The original BIBS pacifier, the BIBS Colour has a round shield and a round latex nipple. The original BIBS pacifier has been on the market for over 40 years. It features the iconic design and is a popular choice among the customers when it comes to selecting their favourite BIBS pacifier.

The classic BIBS Colour design features a round shield and a round natural rubber latex nipple. A simple and elegant design available in 50 different colour variations.

De Lux Pacifiers

BIBS De Lux is a premium-looking pacifier with an elegant front in a matte finish. The shape of BIBS De Lux pacifiers is a classic round shield with a round front. The front is large enough to print a name on, making it ideal for the nursery or daycare.

Because the round shape allows the sides of the tongue to elevate and cup around the nipple,it promotes a similar tongue placement and sucking technique when breastfeeding. The nipple is available in natural rubber latex and silicon.

Supreme Pacifiers

Supreme is a one-of-a-kind wide shield pacifier. This accommodates babies who prefer the flat symmetrical nipple shape with its symmetrical flat-drop-shaped nipple. Because the shield and nipple are symmetrical, the pacifier will always fit correctly in your baby’s mouth.

It has a premium appearance, with trendy colours blended with a modern matte finish. The nipple is here is made of natural rubber latex and silicon.

Couture Pacifiers

Couture pacifiers an anatomically shaped nipple with an angled tip for easy tongue placement and a curved top for a natural fit to the baby’s palate.

Because the nipple is asymmetrical, the pacifier must be placed in the baby’s mouth correctly. Some of the most popular colours are available in BIBS Couture.

Glow Pacifiers

Glow Collection pacifiers have a useful glow feature. The glow feature makes it simple for both parents and children to locate the pacifiers in the dark. It works by simply holding the pacifier up to a light source for 5 seconds before bedtime to activate the glow. The luminescent effect lasts for more than 8 hours.

Special Edition Pacifiers

Thespecial editions include pacifiers with prints and colours that are not normally offered, such as seasonal prints, fashion colour trends, and locally adapted colour schemes to honour local celebrations and holidays.

The diverse product range of BIBS with high quality productsmakes it a one stop place for every kind of pacifier that one may need for their baby. BIBS is a forward-thinking company with a creative and progressive mindset and an innovative manufacturing setup.  To ensure the highest quality products for our customers, they source materials, manufacture, test, and certify in accordance with the highest market standards.

With a want to inspire, improve, and innovate the industry BIBS is the preferred baby and toddler brand worldwide.

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