Use of Robots and AI in the Home


Robots are machines that are designed to carry out specific programs and tasks. There is a wide range of robots in use in industrial and manufacturing environments. They help to build cars, ships, assemble goods and much more. Robots are becoming more powerful and capable through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This creation of machines with capabilities of perceiving their environment and carrying out tasks they were programmed to perform is leading to much broader use of robotics. The use of these technologies has become increasingly popular in many aspects of human lives like in the manufacturing industry, machines have helped to make work easier and faster.

Today we are already utilizing the following:

Restaurants: Robots are used in kitchens to prepare food and chop vegetables. This technology is used in Japan for making sushi and chopping vegetables. Robots also being experimented with to work as receptionists, cleaners in many restaurants and homes.

Crime Fighting: Robots are used in police forces to check buildings to pinpoint the location of criminals or dangerous devices. Remotely controlled robots are used to check cars for bombs which they can also be programmed to disarm.

Medicine: Robots can be used in the hospital to distribute medication to patients. They can be programmed to interface with intelligent hospital elevators to reach any floor and much more.

Education: Robots are being utilized as teacher’s assistants and designed to care for children and there are also robotic toys for children.

It is predicted that by 2030, many households in developed counties will have personal robots of some type in their homes. These robots will be able to interact and communicate with human beings, give responses when needed, perform housekeeping duties like cleaning and a more. The main problem to be solved is the ability to understand complex human language and can act out specified requests. One such effort has been undertaken by Softbank which introduced its first humanoid robot called Pepper that can understand and read human emotions based on voice recognition technology and proprietary algorithms that will allow it to be able to recognize people’s feelings from facial expressions and tone if their voice.

Agriculture drones like dji phantom 4 rtk is being employed by the farmers who think about future and this all is boosting their productivity.  All that sounds great but how are robots being utilized in our homes already?

Home CleaningHome Cleaning: Home robots, also known as domestic robots, are a type of service robot that is used primarily for household chores. Most domestic robots are connected to Wi-Fi home networks are perform autonomous functions. The most common of these is the robot vacuum. You have probably heard of iRobot’s Roomba that will go in automated mode and clean your floors. Or Dyson’s Eye Robot Vacuum. There are also an emerging set of robot mops that will actually scrub our floor for you. And yes there is even a robot that helps you keep your litter box clean – the Litter Bot – it sifts through kitty litter and removes the “clumps” automatically.

Home Security: Also another form of a domestic robot is focused on security. There are robots like Buddy and Riley that are armed with cameras and varying degrees of self-mobility (depending on how much you want to spend). Mobile Robots Inc. has developed their Agent 007 which will monitor your home and even yell “Police! Freeze!” to a suspected intruder. There are even security drones you can use to monitor your home.

Yard Maintenance: There is starting to emerge a new type of robotic lawn mowers that can cut grass on their own without the need of a driver. There are also automated pool cleaners that clean and maintain swimming pools by scrubbing the pools from floor to waterline in 3 hours. Looj has developed gutter cleaning robots that use brushes and rubber blades to remove debris from rain gutters that users operate using a remote control.

Social Interaction: Another key area for domestic robots is for social interaction. Many of these are designed to help the elderly and children. For example, Paro has a series of therapeutic robots such as a baby seal that are meant for the elderly to interact with. There is also a wide range of robotic toys for young children that will interact at various levels to engage the child. iRobot even has a robot that can move around your house and be remotely controlled with a two-way speaker to interact with the people in your home.

We are just beginning to see the emergence of the robot in the home. The likes of Starwood Hotels, Mark Zuckerberg and many others are working on the concept of the Robot Butler. There is no doubt today’s robot vacuums will likely lead to a wide range of domestic robotic assistance down the road. The future of the home will be interesting indeed.

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