UK Property Most Strategic Locations To Invest in 2021


It’s a bit ironic how modern technology has diversified investment outlets but has made it even harder to decipher between good investment opportunities from the bad.

Finding the most strategic property investment locations in the UK is an uphill task, considering that profitable spots sell out incredibly fast.

However, from our reliable sources, we can advise you where all the movers and shakers are investing given the current market forces. Notably, plans to build significant infrastructures like roads and schools are major boosts for new investment opportunities in the UK.

Such infrastructural development increases population density, more so near institutions that can attract local and global populations. This is the main advantage of investing in metropolitan cities. As the nature of property investment diversifies, there is a need for increased vigilance in security. Back up your property investment assets with modernized security upgrades from the most trusted professional locksmiths such as in New York City.

Below is an updated list of some of the most strategic spots for property investors in the UK. Also, you can contact an estate agent that provides you with the best Property for sale Marbella.


Manchester is a prestigious European city with one of the fastest-growing populations in the world. This old city is a hub for international businesses which implies that global investors see a viable opportunity in the suburb. In the past two decades, Manchester has had a tremendous population growth leading to a shortage of housing.

It is estimated that there has been a deficit of 1350 residential buildings annually for the last ten years. Rental houses are the scarcest in the city, with learners from different parts of the world struggling to find accommodation. Nonetheless, with some of the most prestigious universities in the world, the city’s economy is expected to grow faster than any other city in the country.


Birmingham is a strategically positioned city that enjoys great connections and excellent access to resources due to its proximity to London. The city is most suitable for commerce owing to its good infrastructural networks and the availability of auxiliary services. Additionally, the city has a high-speed railway network that connects it to other European cities, thus creating mobility of labor.

Many international brands have already begun establishing bases in the city and are expected to bring a considerable number of immigrants in the next few years. Population-wise, the city is growing considerably, having increased by a 163% margin since 2002. Birmingham has a favorable economic growth rate that is forecasted to expand more in the next decade.


Like Birmingham, Nottingham is a centrally located city in the UK that enjoys numerous benefits provided by the country’s diverse transport network, among other amenities. The city is endowed with resources and can comfortably hold a vast population. The city’s market comprises of both the working class and students, which portends its substantial economic potential.

Nottingham is mostly developed around the center, where rental facilities generate significant profits. Statistically, the city’s central area has recently recorded over a 200% growth margin of residential prices since 2000. The outskirts of the city are yet to be exploited, hence hold enormous economic potential for investors willing to venture into expansion


Cardiff is a residential area for many students worldwide. The city has some of the numerous Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) residences, which heavily benefit investors. The region has a vast student population, credit of its renowned universities including the famous Cardiff University that offers learning services to the most massive overseas students in the country.

Although there are several PBSAs in the city, the students’ population is not fully catered for in terms of accommodation and other living obligations. As such, the demand for buildings and support businesses continues to increase hence providing a viable investment gap. It’s no secret, the city’s popularity among investors is growing at an alarming rate.


Leicester is another developing city and home to a growing population due to London’s recent economic shifts motivating many investors to seek opportunities outside the city.

Most investors are now considering to buy and let, rather than sell property, a sign of a possible surge in prices in the future. The city is currently a viable investment hub, capable of bringing in vast sums of profit for landowners.

The United Kingdom is a tourism rich country with a real potential for incredible opportunities for start-up investors. People are moving from the country’s major cities to lesser populated areas as opportunities for investments increase. A suburb like Aigburth is considered to be one of the more affluent areas of Liverpool where the rise of opportunities for investments and housing has led more people to relocate there. Aigburth in Liverpool was recently voted among the best places to live in the UK.

Given the country’s economic resilience to unforeseen eventualities like the coronavirus pandemic, UK property is a prime investment for any proactive investor.

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