Types of Floor Tiles for Your Melbourne Home


Using tiles is a popular choice for flooring for many homes throughout Melbourne because they provide massive benefits. These boast the capacity to outlast other materials and maintain an even temperature when the weather reaches extreme levels. 

Tiling places added value to a home making it a good investment, yet it’s a cost-effective approach to providing an appealing aesthetic to the home. Find out if it’s possible to paint tiling at this site.

The selections are plentiful with a vast array of colors, styles, patterns, sizes, which can make the homeowner’s decision daunting, especially considering the floors are something you will likely have for the duration of your stay in the house. 

Types of Flooring Tiles for Your Melbourne home

There are a variety of different tiles for homeowners in Melbourne to choose from for their home flooring. In making the selection you should attempt to match these to the style, size, use, and your budget for the areas you’re planning to work on. 

Each style offers its own unique characteristics and specific advantages making them ideal for particular spaces within the house. A few of the types on the market include:

The Travertine

A byproduct from different natural elements around the world, this variety of limestone is porous with a rough texture comprising pits caused by both organic material and air pockets which are

responsible for the array of colors associated with the tile.

The stone boasts the capacity to withstand abuse and endure the “test of time.” The product is naturally resistant to slipping. It’s designed for use inside or out where it’s appealing for pathways, decking, bathrooms on the interior of the home, anywhere that water is prevalent.

The Ceramic 

Quarried clay that has been prepared and put in a mold, categorized as non-porcelain or porcelain. Non-porcelain generally has more impurities. Porcelain is extruded. They are dense and not as porous as ceramic making them harder and resistant to moisture. These tiles are incredibly durable and appropriate for busy households.

Non-porous are exceptionally more affordable than their counterpart and simpler for DIY enthusiasts to handle.

The Marble

The stone is extraordinarily durable compared to other materials with countless color options because of the component mineral variability. The finishes range from tumbled to honed to polished to brushed allowing these to fit nearly any aesthetic. 

The price point is exceptional, and maintenance can be extensive. Marble is absorbent making the stone susceptible to staining and unacceptable for placement outside among the landscaping.  Be sure to check out marble tiles Sydney for great options. 

The Slate

Throughout the globe, slate can be found in large deposits. The material has been consistently used for floors in homes for centuries with a broad variety of colors on the market today. Generally, no two will be the same because, typically, color veins run on each piece.

These are slip-resistant naturally whether they become greasy or soaked. Bathrooms or kitchens would make perfect locations for slate as would areas outside of the home. The pieces are durable and noted to maintain consistent temperature with the addition of “circulating units” running beneath the flooring.

Slate is considered high maintenance in that busier homes with higher traffic are given the recommendation to occasionally strip the floors and reseal them in order to maintain the appeal. To clean them, mop with plain water.

Faux Wood

The most current and popular trend in tiling is faux wood which gives the illusion of a natural wood floor combined with the durability of tile. The presentation is that of wood, but the material is ceramic and brings the benefit of significantly higher durability than wood offers, water-resistance, and no fear of termite damage. Maintenance is relatively easy, and options are plentiful.

Final Thought

Tile is an ideal flooring option for any space in your home. It not only adds an elegant appeal, but its clean, durable, and virtually maintenance-free. Check out https://www.homestolove.com.au/terrazzo-tiles-australia-15537 for the terrazzo trend that’s coming back on the scene here.  

Most tiles are able to handle the abuses that busy family households deliver, some are moisture resistant, and a majority are environmentally friendly not requiring the exploitation of plants or trees in their construction. 

The pieces come in a broad variety of colors, styles, sizes, designs, and textures that will accommodate everyone’s aesthetic. All things considered as compared to other materials, tiles are the optimum investment offering a greater opportunity for an increased return on the investment.

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