Types of Doors


If you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, you might not want to just install any door. You can shop for different kinds of doors and choose the one that you think will keep with the architectural style of your home. You might consider the following types of doors below:


Wood is the most common material used for making doors largely due to its naturally aesthetic qualities. It’s a classic choice for most homes, and luxury homes feature doors that are made of high-quality wood. Wood is highly customizable and can fit to any architectural style, but it also tends to be expensive.


Metal is also a popular choice because it is sturdy, affordable and requiring low maintenance. Because of these very attributes, metal doors are often used as exterior doors. Most metal doors have an insulating foam core which is then covered with a layer of steel, making it paintable.


Fiberglass doors are affordable, durable, requiring minimal maintenance and are also energy-efficient. For the homeowners who are looking for a natural look for doors but couldn’t afford wood, fiberglass is an excellent choice as it can mimic the appearance of wood.


You may have seen flush doors in public places such as office rooms and restrooms inside shopping malls and restaurants. But you can also use a flush door for your home. A flush door is a simple, flat, solid slab, but it can be painted, stained or decorated depending on your preference.


Also known as stile-and-rail door, a panel door evokes a classic, elegant style. It usually features four, six, or eight panels. These types of doors can be used for both interior or exterior doors, and can be also fitted with small window glass or panel, also called a “lite.”


Dutch doors can be opened partly or completely, as it is divided horizontally into two sections. The lower section may remain closed, while the upper section opens. A Dutch door is also known as “half door” or in its olden name, “double-hung door.” A Dutch door is a practical choice especially if you want to keep small children or pets inside or keep strangers or stray animals out, while allowing light and air inside the house. It is a common feature among rural homes.


Decorative and elegant, French doors feature a frame around one or more lites. It provides easy access to outdoor areas such as a garden, patio or a balcony. French doors are usually installed in pairs, and are traditionally matched with French windows.


Barn doors are usually made of salvaged wood which gives off a charmingly rustic appearance. It used to be common as an exterior door, but nowadays they are used for the interiors as well. Barn doors can be installed as a standard swing door or as a sliding door.


Pocket doors are sliding doors that disappear into the compartment (the “pocket”) of the wall when opened. This is ideal for smaller homes where there is no space for the swing of the regular hinged door.


As the name implies, a patio door provides an easy access to outdoor areas such as, well, a patio. These doors are usually installed with full-sized lites or glass panels, which allow natural light into the indoors. They are usually sliding doors, although they can also be installed with hinges as swing doors.

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