Types of Cookware a Modern Kitchen Needs


Have you ever asked yourself why the kitchen is known as the ‘heart of every home’? The main reason behind this assertion is that it sets the tone, and what is good for the mind is also good for the soul and body. It is the room where most of the cooking action takes.

However, food preparation will only happen when you have the right appliances and cookware. Cookware, in the simplest terms, are pots and pans that are used in a home. All cookware are not made the same. The following are some of the most common cookware you will find in a typical kitchen and you can read a fair  Presto griddle review as well.

Sauce pots

They are mostly two types of sauce pots; the first has one long handle while the second has two handles (one on each side). You may find some people refer to the model with one handle as a saucepan.

Soup or stockpot

It is a large pot mostly used to prepare soups, stews, or stock. You can use it after cooking turkey or chicken and make an incredible soup as an accompaniment. The choice of soup will depend on your taste and preferences. The size of the pot can also differ based on family needs.

Dutch oven

This large cast-iron pot can trace its roots back to the Netherlands, which explains its name. You can place it in the oven or stove. It is mostly used to cook large meat dishes that need a lot of heat. You can do other things on such an oven, including preparing stews, soups, roasting meat, baking bread, casseroles, and frying.

Pasta pot

This type of cookware is designed for preparing pasta. They come in two different types. The first model has a perforated locking lid that allows to pour water out, leaving the pasta. The second type comes with a metal strainer. The cook inserts the metal strainer that picks up the cooked pasta.

Steamer pot

It is a pot that comes with a metal screen that usually sits inside. The cook usually places water on the bottom while steam cooks what is on the steam insert. It is a great choice if you want to steam vegetables such as broccoli.


It is a great pan for cooking big breakfasts. Such a pan has a big surface for preparing pancakes, hash browns, and eggs. The beauty of a griddle is that you can cook an entire batch of pancakes at a go, which reduces cooking time. Griddles come in two different types; an electric model with its own heat source and a stock-top griddle that you can place on your cooking surface, such as the stove.

Roasting pan

It is mainly used for roasting large pieces of meat. This pan is usually rectangular and comes with a rack that suspends the meat above the bottom.

 Frying pan (sauté pan)

It is the most common type of pan that you will find in a typical home. The pan is circular, with a flat bottom and low-rise straight walls. You may also find a small variation of the same with gently slanted walls known as a skillet.


It is like a frying pan only that the walls rise higher, and the bottom surface area is generally smaller. It is the perfect pan to use when you want to prepare vegetables and fries at a high temperature.

You will note that the above categories are based on the type of food prepared. However, there are other categories based on the material used as follows:

Ceramic cookware

Such pots and pans are made from clay hardened by high heat. It is one of the non-toxic cookware options that can also withstand high heat. People love ceramic pots as they are non-stick.

Stainless steel

It is the best option if you are looking for high-end cookware. It is decent in heat transfer, durable, easy to clean, and non-toxic.


It is the most abundant metal on earth, which explains why it is available everywhere in a typical home. Some of the advantages of aluminum cookware include easy to clean, even heat distribution, and easy to handle. Aluminum can also be iodized, which makes it scratch resistant.


It is not very common in kitchens. However, those who have copper cookware love it because heat adjustments and distribution almost take place instantly. Copper cookware is also attractive to the eyes and easy to clean. Copper cookware can also be lined with stainless steel to make them more durable.

Cast iron

Fans of such pots and pans love them because they can handle high heat. Cast iron cookware also tends to improve with time and develops a non-stick surface.


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