Types of Attics


The room or space found directly on the highest roof of a house or building is called an attic. Actually, the space between the ceiling and the roof, which can be used for a different purpose is called attics.

Not all houses have this attic. When a house has horizontal ceilings or a roof of sloped, there remains some space. Then people try to use that space or gap using different ideas, and that is attic. In warm countries or dry climate’s cities, most of the homes have flats roofs. There is a very rare home with an attic. But in the cold cities, most of the homes are with attics. For your every trip attic ladder is best. It makes your step up and down faster, easier and safer also. From the many available attic ladders in the market, you can get the hands on tips on buying the best attic ladders from experts.

People use attics for storage, and it’s also full of, sometimes it is used for additional rooms, and it remains hot long time.

Different types of people use and decorate their attics in different ways. But undoubtedly all homeowners with attics want that their attics will be as possible energy efficient. Homeowners must ensure attic cleaning is done on time always.  Different types of attics are as follows:

  • Unfinished attics: This type of attics is for no use and is not decorated for use.

  • Part finished attic: A portion is finished for use approximately 10% of the main body is used on the ground floor.

  • Full Finished attics: In this type, approximately 40% of the main body of an attics is finished for use.

  • Full fin wall HGT attics: When 55% or above of the main body ground floor of the attics is decorated for use then it is called Full fin wall HGT attics. In this type of attics, the wall is also decorated for storage or other needs.

Unvented attics are useful than other attics and energy-efficient also. So there are 2- types of unvented attics, and they are as follows:

Attic for storage: Some homeowners keep their cooling or heating system stored in the attic. As there people do not often go, so homeowner sometimes stores unnecessary equipment there also. Outside air can enter easily in the attic space if there is no insulation in the attic floor. So your stored equipment is safe there.

Attics to additional rooms: Attics are the free space of the highest floor of a house or building. And the best idea for attics is to convert it to additional rooms. If you are planning so about the attics of your home, then make it to spray foam insulation from a normal attics. In this case, you don’t have to tense about energy efficiency or drafts or air leaks problem. By turning the attics into spray foam insulation, you can use it as a relaxing room also. People don’t go there often so nobody can disturb you there.

A critical part of the home is attics. Maybe it is best for storing anything but dangerous also. The rate of safety hazards is plenty in an attic. It is important to ensure the safety of attics space. So make sure that you have maintained these safety tips for your attics. They are as follows:

  1. Wear the right attire

  2. Ensure proper flooring

  3. Install lighting

  4. Avoid extreme temperatures.

Actually, there is no fixed type of attics. It depends on what you want to use the attics. Storing item in the attics is a good option but remember that in the summer the sun heats directly on the roof tiles and the attics roof’s temperature remains high for a long time. So if you put or store any temperature-sensitive items there, then it will get ruined. So be aware of this thing.

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