Top Weird houses with mystical romantic stories


Some places in the world just have a weird, romantic vibe to them. They’re places where people get together even though they had no business becoming a couple from an outsider’s view. shared a collection of the weird houses in which mystical romantic events took place. See what you think about these weird houses with romantic stories associated with them!

The Modern Taj Mahal

A man named Faizul Hasan Quadri wanted his wife to know how important she was to him. Instead of going out to buy a home for them to live in, he decided to build the house himself. This monument of love was painstakingly built by Faizul for his wife because they never had children and she was worried that she would leave no legacy behind after not having children. They lived together for 58 years and now she rests permanently in the house as a mausoleum.

The Old House, Quincy, Massachusetts

People tend to think of politicians as cold-blooded people, but in the early days of the United States, people were serving the country for a long time in order to ensure it didn’t fail. One of the people who served the U.S. was John Adams, who had to work all over the country before he was able to settle down back home with his dear wife. According to their love letters, they were very deeply connected to one another, and he returned in 1801 to be together in a large but quaint home in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s Home in Mexico

Casa Kimberley was a large home that bordered the villa Richard Burton stayed in when he and Taylor were filming Cleopatra. The two carried out a torrid love affair and the only place they felt safe away from the prying eyes of the world was in this home. The home was so important to Taylor that she kept it long after the two were married and divorced twice, and she held on to it until Burton died. It was a truly magical place if it was able to bring peace to two such famous and turbulent people.

The Casa Estudio

Is there something about Mexico that brings out the forces of mystical love? Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera had an affair with one another. Since they wanted to keep things hidden, they decided that it would be a good idea to build work studios for their painting right next door to each other. They each hired an architect and there was a secret addition put into place between their studios- a bridge that connected both of the buildings. The two would carry on their relationship for some time. Now, it is a museum for both of the artists and their work.

Casa di Giulietta

The Casa di Giuletta is a pretty old and unassuming house expect for one thing: it was probably the inspiration for the home of the Capulets in Romeo and Juliet. Imagine seeing a building that is so captivating that it becomes the setting of the most famous love story in the western world. This building gets over a million visitors a year and it even features the balcony from which Juliet speaks during the play. Whether or not it is certainly the truth about the house, it’s a great story and that makes it one of the romantic places or mystical coincidences!

Houses have a large impact on the kinds of romance that people have in them. As we’ve seen, some houses are built to hide an affair and support the people having them and others are a monument to long-lasting love. While we’ve looked at real and imagined stories about love, one can see the tremendous energy that radiates from these places that were built to amplify the feelings of love that people feel for one another. While some may argue that these homes have nothing to do with love itself, you can look at the way that the stories surrounding them weave love as a theme into them. All in all, if you’d like to have a home that radiates love, it all starts with meeting the right person and starting to romance them.

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