Top Trends for Sectionals in San Diego 


Who doesn’t like lazing around on a luxury sectional sofa which can be converted into a recliner? San Diego is home to the most beautiful beaches in the US, and hence, is famous for its laid back attitude. No wonder, sectionals in San Diego lead the latest trends in luxury furniture. One of the fantastic qualities of sectional sofas is that they can fit in any corner of the place, whether it is a three-seater or a love-seat.

Sectional sofas come in different upholstery fabrics, designs, and shapes. But it is necessary to consider your area-size and family-size before you finalize. Many new trends in sectionals have been doing the rounds. Let’s look at them.

Floral Prints/Multi-colored Upholstery

An article on Furniture World says women have their esthetic sense much more defined than men. That is why 73% of the women in San Diego buy luxury furniture for their homes. One trend they can’t miss in sectional sofas is the multi-colored upholstery.

Sectionals give an elegant look to your décor when they are in different tones or shades. Likewise, floral prints are also ahead in the race, as they reflect positivity in the living space. Most of them prefer buying online, but it is recommended that you shop for furniture by visiting the store.

Sectionals in Different Shapes

The shape of sectionals in San Diego is highly dependent on space availability at your home. Various shapes like L-shape, U-shape, and Curved sectionals come with unique design features to re-define your living area. Small houses prefer L-shaped sectionals because they fit in any corner of the living room.

Since sectionals can be divided into pieces, you can place a part of it in a different corner to augment your living area. The ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) recommends that your furniture and other artifacts be in line with your wall paint’s tones and shades. U-shaped and curved shaped sectionals are best for the larger apartments where the number of family members is beyond five or seven.


In San Diego, people change furniture in eight to fifteen years. Industry experts say that the upholstery fabric of a certified quality lasts for at least 10 to 15 years. If the sectionals serve you without expensive maintenance, you can use them for an even longer time.

The other most trending pattern in sectional is convertible; they can be converted to a sofa bed, a recliner, or an incliner. It is one of the added features of sectionals that increase the purpose of their use. You can also join two sectionals and convert into a sofa bed, and use it as a full-functional bed.

Sectionals with Ottoman

These days, sectionals come with ottomans to emphasize the structure and pattern of sofa design. Ottomans serve as a table and an additional seating arrangement when guests arrive at home unexpectedly.

The driest month in San Diego is July, and the rainiest month is January. If you like spending more time indoors during the cold and wet months, why not do it on your comfy sectional?

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