Top Tips To Protect Your Hotel Business from Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are a nuisance as they multiply quickly and are very good at hiding. This means that an infestation will quickly spread from room to room. While bed bugs are not known to carry disease, they will bite humans at night. This leaves red welts which can be very itchy.

It will certainly ruin any visit for your guests. But, that is only part of the issue! Even one case of bed bugs can cause serious damage to your business reputation.

You will need to call the exterminators in to get the problem resolved and you are likely to find a drop in customer bookings. This is generally compounded by social media which makes it easy for people to share experiences.

Fortunately, you can take steps to protect your hotel business from bed bugs:

Staff Training

All staff should be trained but especially those that are handling room changes and cleaning. They need to be able to identify a bed bug and the tell-tell traces they leave behind. This includes rust spots on the sheets.

Any sign of a bed bug issue should be reported to the management and the local pest control called to deal with the issue.

Front Desk Liaison

Additional training should be given to staff on the front desk. They will be face-to-face with customers who may have concerns over bed bugs. The front desk should be trained to reassure every guest, specifically when they are concerned before seeing the room.

If their concerns are after seeing a room then housekeeping should recheck the room and the guest can be moved if it will keep them happy, (and you have a spare room).

Pit Fall Traps

If you speak to your local pest control firm they will be able to provide you with pitfall traps. The traps are positioned near beds and they attract the bedbugs. However, once the bed bugs get into the container they can’t get out. This prevents them from biting guests or multiplying.

It also alerts you to their presence and encourages you to take prompt action to deal with the issue.

Encase Mattresses

You can purchase mattress encasements that effectively cover the mattress and deprive the bed bug of a home. This will reduce the risk but not eliminate it. However, the encasement covers will also make it much easier for anyone to spot an infection. Train your staff properly and your guests should never know you have a bed bug issue.

Regular Inspections

Pest control firms are just there to deal with infestations and other pest-related issues. They can also be used to inspect your property and check for pests, including bed bugs.

This gives you peace of mind and is a great way to put customer’s minds at rest. After all, what better way to show that you take bed bugs seriously than to have an annual, or bi-annual inspection?

Remember, the presence of bed bugs can seriously damage the reputation and viability of your business. A proactive approach is essential.



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