Top Tips to Become a Successful Truck Dispatcher

Logistics is largely based on truck dispatching, this is confirmed by experts on this site. Specialists from this fieldwork daily ensure that as much cargo as possible is delivered to the right place at the right time.

If you are a truck dispatcher, you understand that this is a big test. Every day you have to improve and do the work to the maximum. This article was created for you to understand your career path. Also, with the help of these tips, you will get an answer to the question «How do I move up the career ladder».

A good dispatcher: what is he like?

The truck dispatcher must meet several requirements. Among them are responsibility, sociability, attention to detail, quick response, adaptability, and self-control.

A good dispatcher doesn’t allow creating downtime for drivers. He also quickly solves emergencies that arise with drivers, cars, or cargo. The specialist is constantly in touch with customers and is looking for new potential ways to increase the revenue of the company.

Yes, your work can sometimes be stressful and emotional. That’s why you have to be stable and calm. Acting rationally is the key to the success of a good truck dispatcher.

Key responsibilities of a truck dispatcher

Dispatchers are responsible for planning the route for the driver. The route should be planned so that the cargo will be delivered as soon as possible. Communication with drivers on routes is also the specialist’s responsibility. This can be a route adjustment, weather warnings, solving problems with a truck, or the health of a trucker.

In addition to communication, dispatchers report on shipments of goods, and transport costs. Specialists in this field are a very important part of deliveries. The salary of drivers, the company’s income, and the attraction of new customers depend on you. Some dispatchers are also looking for new drivers and negotiating cooperation with potential customers.

Tips to Become a Successful Truck Dispatcher

Several trucking companies are looking for drivers. If you are interested in working as a truck driver, you must take advantage of this opportunity. Be sure to read carefully if you are seeking to improve your skills.

1. Experience the truckers’ life

You should have a complete understanding of how cargo is delivered from point A to point B. In order not to see the process only on paper, take a ride with a trucker in your free time. This will give you a lot of food for thought. Another plus is that you will establish contact with drivers. They will feel that you care and will be more loyal to you.

2. Cooperation with other departments

The first people to establish contact with are specialists from the sales and evaluation department. Having understood how and with what they work, you will have a complete understanding of the number of deliveries.

3. Feedback

It is very valuable to receive honest feedback from those with whom you work. Create an open channel for drivers and customers. They will be able to write a review about your work there. It is important that you then analyze the answers and find growth points for yourself.

4. Use one communication channel

Instead of a set of phones, emails, faxes, and radios, use only one of them. A reliable method is to combine all communication channels in the software. Talk to the management about this.

5. Leave the right for mistake

Dispatchers often set too rigid limits for drivers. Little time, long-distance, time without sleep and food. This will make drivers hostile towards you. There is also a big risk that the trucker won’t be able to cope with this order. And it will be your fault.

6. Planning for drivers

Create an opportunity for drivers to report their availability. You have to create one schedule of regular routes with the schedule of all drivers. Remember to leave time for irregular routes. The creation will take time, but then you will thank yourself for this plan.

7. Planning

Create templates for reports and contracts and responses for customers and drivers. Spend 10 minutes a day checking the plans for the next day. Suddenly the weather forecast changed? What if something is wrong with the road? What if someone wrote you an email with the delivery cancellation? What if the driver got sick? Plan — it will free up a lot of time for you.

These simple tips will help you become the best truck dispatcher! Truckers will be happy to work with you, customers will only contact you, and the company will offer a promotion. Everything is in your hands!