Top Tips on Using Halloween to Inspire Stylish Interior Décor


September is slowly but surely drawing to a close, and October is near, which means one thing – Halloween is just around the corner! Love it or loathe it, Halloween comes every year and is celebrated by adults and children alike all over the world in the form of parties, dressing up and trick or treating. When you think about Halloween décor, you probably immediately imagine gimmicky pumpkins, fake cobwebs and those fake witch toys that are programmed to cackle every ten minutes or so. But have you ever thought about the way Halloween and Gothic design could inspire extremely stylish home décor? Well if you haven’t, and it’s your sort of thing, here’s how you could use it.

Use Red Boldly

Red is a fairly controversial colour when it comes to décor. If you’ve ever sold your house with companies such as Ready Steady Sell, chances are you’ll have been advised to avoid bold colours like red and to go with neutrals. Now, although red wouldn’t look great plastered all over your walls – that would be a recipe for a forever headache – it can link very well into a colour scheme as a statement piece or accessory.

Red is often associated with blood and danger signals, but the question is, why? It’s actually an extremely cosy colour, and lends itself particularly well to cosy décor in the autumn and winter. You could choose to make a real statement with red by using it in one of your main furniture pieces, or you could introduce it gradually in accessories or artwork. The great thing about red is that it has the vampire/Halloween edge at this time of year, and blends in perfectly with the festivities once Christmas comes around. Never shy away from accessorising with red! It adds an air of luxury and lavishness that other colours can’t.

Cross Over to the Dark Side

As well as shying away from red, we suppose you’ve been reluctant to use navy blues, deep greys and even near blacks too, haven’t you? Not only are these dark shades the ultimate colours of Halloween, but they’re also intrinsically linked to luxury and richness, which is a trend that NEVER goes out of fashion.

Now like wish red, no one is saying paint all of your walls black. We’re aiming for stylish interior design, not a bat cave, but using dark colours, again to make a statement can be extremely effective.

Let’s use a deep, dark blue as an example. You could use this colour to paint a feature wall or even take the wall back to the exterior wall leaving it exposed. This may require some repointing, however the effect would look especially atmospheric. This kind of design goes perfectly with monochromatic patterns, which are right on trend at the moment. Add in some copper or rose gold accessories, and you’ve got the recipe for a perfectly decorated room – no tacky laughing witches included! Dark colours, again like red also make for great statement pieces of furniture. So instead of painting your wood furniture French grey, why not opt for a more charcoal-like shade? It’s perfect for this time of year, after all.

Candles are Key

Is there really anything both simultaneously spookier, and yet more comforting than a candle lit room? The answer is no, there absolutely is not.

So get creative, and make the most of candle season! The best thing about candles is not only do they produce an attractive glow, but some of them even double up as air fresheners too.

If you want to go for the ultra-Halloween look, then candelabras are an absolute MUST. They look amazing as a centrepiece on a table or a fireplace, and will also give off a lot more light than a singular candle. Spooky or spa-like? The choice is ultimately yours, but with candles, achieving both is possible.

Go Full Gothic

Last of all but certainly not least, what is Halloween inspired décor without going a little bit gothic?

Black and red are the biblical colours of the gothic trend, so use them wisely. Likewise, sharp, statement furniture particularly lends itself well to this style. Think mirrors that remind you of old forgotten church buildings, and delicate sofas with a chaise longue that almost reminds you of the velvety inside of a coffin.

And if you really love this trend – and want to get into the Halloween spirit for party time – even consider placing some apothecary bottles filled with coloured fairy lights around your home to give it that extra edge. It’s Halloween, without screaming “it’s Halloween!”. Pretty cool, right?

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