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Your family’s home is supposed to be a safe place, a sanctuary, a refuge where you can relax and rest at the end of the day. It’s the one place on Earth where you can feel most comfortable and protected, but even though our homes offer a wonderful array of positive feelings, they’re not 100% safe and secure.

There are always threats, both from outside the home and on the inside, that could put you and your loved ones in jeopardy, which is why it’s so important to never forget the importance of home security and remember to take action, when needed, to make your home as safe as it can possibly be. With that in mind, here are some top tips for home safety that every homeowner needs to know.

Fire Safety

One of the worst possible dangers that could affect your home and everything in it is a fire, so it’s vital for every member of the household to be aware of fire safety tips and practices, as well as making sure you’ve got all the basics of fire protection covered.

For starters, your home should have smoke detectors fitted on all floors to alert you to the presence of smoke if a fire breaks out. Having some fire extinguishers around the home can be helpful too, and it’s always wise to check up on your alarms to make sure they work and ensure all your family members know what to do if a fire happens.

Prevent Package Theft

Statistics show that more and more packages are getting stolen from outside of people’s homes, and in this day and age when so many of us shop online and rely on our favorite digital stores and marketplaces to deliver all kinds of goods from clothes to electronics, it’s vital to take action and reduce your risks of falling victim to package thieves.

There are many different ways you can reduce the chances of having one or more of your own packages or parcels stolen. You can change your desired delivery location, for example, have parcels sent to a trusted neighbor or friend instead, ask for the packages to be held at the post office, or even invest in a secure package lockbox for delivery workers to use when they visit your home.

Protection Against Intruders

The statistics around home invasions and intrusions are quite shocking, with figures from leading sources showing that a burglary happens in the US every 20 seconds. All across the country, in cities, suburbs, and other locations too, criminals are looking for ways to break into homes, often to steal valuable items and leave destruction in their wake.

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect against home invaders nowadays. From smart doorbells that record the area around your front door and alert you to any suspicious movement to state of the art security systems that launch silent alarms and automatically contact the police if a break-in occurs, you’ve got lots of options to keep yourself and your family safe.

Pool Safety

If you happen to have a pool, it can be a great source of fun and amusement for the whole family, as well as any guests you happen to have over, but large pools of water can be a serious health and safety hazard too, so need to be treated with a sufficient level of care and respect.

Make sure that your pool is properly cleaned and maintained to ensure that the water quality is always safe and adequate, and invest in good quality pool covers to keep it safe in the colder months of the year. Having pool alarms can be a good choice too and ensure that children are never left in or around the pool without adult supervision.

Food Safety and Hygiene

It’s important to remember that fires, floods, storms, and criminals aren’t the only threats you face in and around the home. Even something as simple as preparing dinner for the family can turn to disaster if you fail to follow the proper precautions, and there are countless bacteria and viruses out there to worry about.

Make to practice proper food safety in your home by always keeping kitchen surfaces clean and fresh, making sure to thoroughly thaw frozen foods before cooking them, ensuring that all of your foods are piping hot all the way through before serving, sealing foods properly to avoid contamination, and keeping an eye on use by dates for the perishable products you buy as well.

Final Word

Hopefully, these useful tips and reminders will help you and your family stay as safe and protected as possible in the comfort of your own home.

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